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Beavis and Butt-head watching the CYFTLT song in the movie:

{T&P singing the intro}

Butt-head: Man, this sucks..
Beavis: Yeah. Hehheheh. That little rodent can't sing worth crap, and that pig can't sing either Butt-head. Change it..
Butt-head: HuhHuhHuh... No way.. I heard that like, Simba and Nala.. get busy..
Beavis: {eyes widen, getting excited now} Really!? Cool! When?!

{then it goes to the waterfall, and the singing starts}

Butt-head: I dunno.. I think like, pretty soon or something. HuhHuh..
Beavis: {getting bored, starting to impersonate the song} Oh can you feel my a** tonight? HehHeh. POOP!
Butt-head: {smacks Beavis hard} Shut up, dude! We're gonna miss them doing it.

{Simba's solo, and then Nala's solo}

Beavis: Oh yeah.. Whoa! Nala looks pretty sweet.. Yeeeah.. Heheheh.
Butt-head: Beavis... Are you saying you'd like, do a female lion?
Beavis: Heheheheh, errum, yeah! She's a 'fine feline!' Heheh.
Butt-head: {looks closely at the TV} Hey, wait a minute, whoa you're right! {low voice} Maybe she'd like to have fun with big daddy Butt-head..
Beavis: Hehheh! {shakes his fists wildly, eyes wide} BOIIIIING!

{Simba and Nala frolicking in the field, chasing the birds}

Butt-head: HuhHuh.."Love"
Beavis: Hey Butt-head, if I met Nala in real life, I'd be like.. Heeey Baby, heh, how's it goin'? Then I'd score! Heheheheh.
Butt-head: No way asswipe! {SMACK} I saw her first! HuhHuhHuh..
Beavis: OW! {rubs his cheek} Oh yeah.. Heheheh. Sorry.

{they leap up and start rolling down the hill, stopping at the end with Simba pinning Nala}

Butt-head: Hey Beavis.. I think this is where they do it! {moves close to the TV, eyes widening}
Beavis: {joins Butt-head, grinning widely} Yeah! Whoa! Look! She licked him! Heheheheh, she must like all that hair around his head.
Butt-head: HuhHuhHuhHuh.. I think that's like, called a mane dude. And you uh, know what they say about lions with big manes..
Beavis: Ohhhh yeah.. {Nala gives 'The Look'} Whoa, she wants him! He's gonna score! Heheheheheheh!
Butt-head: Huhuhuhuh! Yeah, he's looking at her like he's saying "Come to Simba.." Huhhuh.

{they start nuzzling}

Butt-head: YEAH! DO IT! DO IT!

{then it cuts to T&P again}

Butt-head and Beavis both: AAAAAAAH!
Beavis: No! AAH! Go back! Dammit! Go back!
Butt-head: {frowns} Ugh.. Damn it.. Those two guys are watching them get busy, and we're missing out on it all.
Beavis: Heheheh.. {sits back on the couch} Maybe they're like, gonna show them 'Doin' the Wild thing' later. Yeeeah..
Butt-head: HuhHuh.. They'd better, dude, cause like.. Disney usually shows stuff like schlongs and boobs and stuff in their 'anermated flims'.
Beavis: Heheheheh. Nala didn't have boobs, but she had a nice tail. {grins again, eyes widening} BOIIIIIIIING!
Butt-head: Yeah.. HuhHuh.. TLK rocks.

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