Pride Lands Online
Battle of the Brothers

copyrighted 1996

Written by Meaghan Edwards

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________Two adolesent young male lions approach a well-filled waterhole. The older, more donimant male, Mufasa, is a rich golden colour with a beautiful brown mane. The other, more subservant, male, is much more smaller, sports a rust-brown coat with a rather short mane. Taka always dreamt of becoming king, and his older brother, Mufasa knew someday himself will become king, have a mate, and bear young. But Taka had an ambition to be king, and tried the best he can to do that.

________Mufasa and Taka took a drink of the fresh water, and went on with their day. Taka looked back at Mufasa, and growled playfully. Interpating this as a threat, Mufasa lunged at him with a roar. The two males swiped their paws at each other, biting and scratching at one another. Taka curled back his lips and let out a mean growl. "I'll become King, Mufasa! I will! Not you!" yelled Taka.

________"Oh no you won't!" snarled Mufasa.

________Mufasa swung his right paw off the ground and smacked Taka over the left eye. Taka yelped once, then attacked Mufasa from behind. Then Mufasa did something he didn't do before. He attacked Taka! Using all the force he can to weaken his brother, Mufasa grabbed Taka's leg with his jaws, and swung him, and letted go quickly.

________Taka landed on his side, and was too weak to fight back. He stayed on his side, cowering in fear as he saw his stronger brother approach him. "Please don't hurt me! You win!" pleaded Taka.

________ Mufasa advanced towards him on stiffened legs, raising his hackled and growling in anger. The more Mufasa approached Taka, the more his defeated brother cowers. Taka put his tail between his legs, flattened his ears and then laid flat on his back. With his belly and throat exposed, Mufasa could easily kill him. But no. Taka was being submissive to Mufasa. Taka smiled timidly, averting Mufasa's donimant stare.

________Akase and Ahadi came quickly to the scene. As much as Ahadi wanted to kill Taka, they just couldn't. Taka was severly weakened by Mufasa's donimance, and they knew he was helpless. Mufasa stood over his young brother, and roared with victory.

________Once Mufasa stopped roaring, he looked down at Taka with a smile of reasurance. "It's alright. Everything's just going to be fine," Mufasa coaxed his brother out of being timid. Taka looked at his father with a smile, then gasped as he saw him approach towards him.

________"For now on, you Taka, will be called `Scar'!" Ahadi growled. Scar, as he is now called, started to get up off his back, with his tail still between his legs, slowly approached Ahadi. Scar was very timid and did this very slowly, and cautiously.

________"Call me anything you want," sobbed Scar. "But all I ask is to have mercy on me, and compassion," begged Scar, with pleading eyes, and tears starting to roll down his face. Scar whimpered in defeat, and started to purr as he rubbed his body against that of Mufasa. Mufasa stepped back, and looked at him right in the eye.

________"Now listen to me, Scar," ordered Mufasa. "You do everything I tell you to, or you'll get casted out, do you understand?" Mufasa demanded, making Scar cower until he looks up at him with a sincere expression on his face.

________"Yes, brother, I understand," answered Taka in a timourus voice. Taka stood up slowly, and watched the sunset go down.

________"Very good. Now do you understand who's the king?" asked Mufasa. Taka nodded his head yes, and nuzzled his face against his brother's.

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