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The Circle of Life
By: Tim Rice and Elton John

From the day we arrive on the planet
And blinking, step into the sun
There's more to be seen than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done
Some say eat or be eaten
Some say live and let live
But all are agreed as they join the stampede
You should never take more than you give In the Circle of Life
It's the wheel of fortune
It's the leap of faith
It's the band of hope
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the Circle, in the Circle of Life
Some of us fall by the wayside
And some of us soar to the stars
And some of us sail through our troubles
And some have to live with the scars
There's far too much to take in here
More to find than can ever be found
But the sun rolling high
Through the sapphire sky
Keeps great and small on the endless round

In the Circle, the Circle of Life
The Circle of Life
By: Elaine Duncan

_____The morning sun awoke all of the animals of the Pride Lands, the great Circle of Life would begin with celebration, the birth of a King's cub. Shani, the daughter of King Simba was being cradled in the arms of her mother, Queen Nala. Sarabi, Simba's mother smiled, then a tear of joy ran down her cheek,"The Circle of Life." She said as she looked at her granddaughter's face."It continues." 3 Years Later.....

_____One morning Nala woke up. She thought she heard some one say 'Nala...Nala it is you who will die.' Then she heard it again, and she woke up Sarafina,her mother."Mother, get up." Sarafina's eyes popped open. She stared at Nala."Nala, what is it dear?"She said."I...I...I heard someone say Nala... Nala it is you who will die.""Oh don't be silly, you were having a bad dream. Now let you mum get some shut- eye,and don't bother me, bother Sarabi,okay.""Okay." "Thank you Nala!"Sarafina fell asleep, her front paws lying on Nala's back.Then Nala heard it again, followed by giggling. ."Shani." Nala mumbled, her daughter was fooling around again.'Oh, why did she have to be like my mother.'Nala knew that Sarafina loved to play tricks on other lions, especially Nala and Sarabi.And that she loved to tell her granddaughter all the things she did to Nala as a cub. And Sarabi on the other hand spent as much time as she could with her only grandchild, without Sarafina pestering them.

_____Then Simba came in,"Hi, Nala!""Oh,hey Simba."Then Zazu flew in,"Sire! Sire!"Simba said, "What's wrong Zazu?" "Shani! She's gone!" "Oh, my gods! My baby!""Nala,she can take care of herself, you know she's almost an adult." "No, Sire! She could be gone,DEAD!" "Shani!" Simba thought for a while,"It has to be Kovu or Kisasian.""Who?" Sarafina said."Kisasian and Kovu,Scar's sons!" "Oh." Sarafina muttered.Then Shani came running back."Shai!" Nala yelled."Its SHANI not Shai! Mom,Kisasian tried to kill me!""Oh my gods!"Sarafina said."My daughter!"Nala yelled."MY CUB!" Simba yelled. Then a dark brown lion appered, and grabbed Shani."She's mine!" Kisasian yelled. And he ran away , with Shani. "Oh this is really funny, yea, let your daughter get killed by a maniac lion. Ha ha. HELP ME!!!"Simba and Nala came running with Sarafina and Sarabi at their sides. Simba and the others battled with Kisasian, finally Sarabi,Nala and Sarafina teamed up and killed Kisasian.Then they all ran back to Pride Rock.

_____The next morning Simba wanted to go walk with his mother. Simba just let her sleep. Then Shani ran to Simba,"Dad, dad!" "What is it?" "Grandma,she's DEAD!""What? Oh my gods!"
Simba ran in the den, Sarafina backed up to let Simba to see Sarabi, then Nala looked at Simba she said,
"Simba, I'm... I'm... so... so sorry."Then she buried her head in his mane and cried."Zazu, Binti, go get Rafiki.""Come on Zazu." Binti said. "Okay, dear." When Rafiki was there he said,"She lived a long and good life." Then he shook his staff over her dead body and said some death chant then he said 'Sarabi.'And he put some dust and the liquid inside a gourd from his cane on to her forehead. Then Rafiki left."Well, now what Simba?" "I don't know Sarafina."Simba sighed,"I don't know."
_____Then Shani left the pride. She felt alone without her grandmother. Then she saw a lion's silhouette. He was walking right up to her. Then like an instinct she just sat there, on a termite mound. He walked up to her and said,"Hello. May I ask what your name is?" "Shani. You?" "My name is Kisasain,Shani? The daughter of Simba?"
"Yes. Why?"Then the lion walked away growling."So Kovu dear who was that?" "Shut-up mother.""Kisasian!""WHAT!" "Was it Nala, Sarafina.." "IT WAS SHANI!" Ngwame just looked at her son with a blank look.

_____Shani walked for days. Suddenly she met a lioness her age. "Hello. Who are you?" "My name's Swala. You?" "Princess Shani, well not princess,not anymore anyway."Then Shani left in search for Pride Rock."I'm going to go back." "NO! Don't!" Swala yelled after her. Finally she got there. But instead of finding Nala and Simba running to her she saw the Pride Lands all dead,parched and dry. Swala cought up with her,"Bad, isn't it Shani?" "Yea." She replied."I thought that everything would be well, alive. I'm sorry I doubted you.""It's okay. No hard feelings." Swala smiled. Then Shani saw Kisasian staring at her and Swala."Oh." Kisasian said to Swala,"It's you again.""Okay, so Mr.Smart Aleck why are you here?" Swala replied in a tone of hate.
"So,little"Kisasian said."You are his sister!"Shani interupted. "Yep,I'm afraid so."Swala said.
Kisasian continued,"Are alive? Well,what's not good for mother is not good for me or Kovu."
"Kisasian,Kovu is dead.""I KNOW THAT!""Well,now,Kisasian who's this?"
"Mother this is Swala.""What! I killed you years ago.""You didn't succeed. I left when you were going to kill me.""Where did you go?""A pride on the edge by the border. A lioness adopted me.""Who?" "My real mother.
Someone who loved me and played with me and taught me how to hunt!You didn't care. All you cared about was Kisasian and Kovu. I told the lioness so!""Uh..Swala."Shani said."What.""What is your mother's name?""Ngwame."Immediately Shani attacked Ngwame and killed her. Kisasian glared at her,"WHY DID YOU KILL MY MOTHER!" Shani glared back at Kisasian with her blue eyes,just like Nala's,"Because,she killed my grandmother!" Swala looked at Shani quizacally,"What? Who is your grandmother?" Shani looked Swala in the eye, "Sarabi." Then right after Shani said that Kisasian attacked Swala, shortly after she was dead, then Shani looked away and saw the shape of a lion appear, it was Kovu! Kovu saw Kisasian and ran to him. Then Kovu looked at Shani,"Hello. My name is Kovu. What is yours fair lioness?" Shani looked at his eye, it was scarred, just like his father,"Shani. Simba's daughter." Then Kovu asked Shani to walk with him and she agreed. Shani found out that she was falling in love. When they were near Pride Rock Shani saw Nala standing near Simba.
"Mom!" Nala looked back, "Shani!" Shani ran to her mother and saw her father, Simba, dead. "Wh-wh-what happened?" "HYENAS! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED!" Nala yelled. Then she saw Kovu and Kovu said to Nala when Shani went to see the others. "Excuse me, ma'am.." Nala looked at Kovu, "Yes." "I would like to ask for Shani's hand in marrage." Kovu knelt in front of Nala,"Ask Shani." Then Kovu ran to Shani,"Shani?" "Yes."
Kovu didn't say anything for a few minutes "Shani, will-will-will you marry me?" Shani's jaw droped wide open. And she stammered a bit,"Uh...uh...ok." Then, Kovu started to purr.
2 months later....

_____One morning all the animals travled to Pride Rock to celebrate the birth of a new prince. Shani and Kovu had a son and daughter, Ahani and Simi. They wached with pride when the new shaman, Kjahna, held their son high above his head, continueing the great Cirlce of Life.

_____Til we find our place, for the path unwinding, in the Circle, the Circle of Life. Circle of Life!

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