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Lion Learns to Roar.

A long time ago, when all the First Animals were still wandering around, but before people appeared, Lion was truly the most feared hunter.

Leopard, of course, was silent, but he was solitary. Cheetah was fast, but not very fierce. The hyena and the wild dog would call and yip before hunting. But the Lion's pride would move more silent than the change from day to night.

The animals all got together, and realized if they didn't know when Lion was hunting, they were all doomed, as none could escape him when caught.

The First Hare, the smartest of all the animals present, sat and thought. Some animals suggested tying something to Lion's tail, to make him noisy when he moved. Others thought if perhaps Lion could be convinced to warn them when he was going to hunt, they would have a chance.

"No, no," said Hare, "Trust me, I have a plan that will make Lion noisy, and never leave him or his descendants."

So Hare went far out into the bush, and looked for the Honey finder bird. The honeyfinder bird would lead anyone who follows to a wild bees' hive. Hare followed the little bird, and found a hive where the bees were all out for the afternoon, looking for flowers. He took as much honey as his little arms could carry, and left the Honeyfinder bird a piece of honeycomb with grubs, as is custom.

Hare wandered far and wide untill he found Lion sleeping under a tree, resting from the heat. Lion didn't even snore, he was such a quiet cat in those days!

Hare snuck up, and smeared honey all over Lion's paws and around his mouth, so it appeared he had been eating the honey. Then he quietly snuck away to have a bath in a nearby pool, and to watch what happens.

The bees, having returned from their afternoon out, were enraged to find someone had torn open their hive, and began following the trail of honey Hare had dribbled as he walked. They came upon Lion, and Oh! The horrible glutton, it seemed, had eaten all their honey!

The bees began to sting the Lion's paws, which caused the dozy cat to awake with a start. It felt to him like his paws were on fire, and being bitten by vipers at the same time. He moaned, and ran around, but the fierce bees still followed him. He yowled, but was still stung.

Finally, his tender, soft voice roared in pain adn anguish at this injustice, and he had the sence to run to the pool and dive in. Hare laughed and laughed, watching from the bank, and quickly ran away from the sore and angry king of beasts.

Now when Lion went home that night, his soft spoken wives were shocked at how his quiet voice had grown so loud. They wailed so loud that they too ruined their voices, and indeed, no Lion has been born with a soft voice since, and all roar very loudly. And so animals know when the pride is on the hunt, and they are all with us still.

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Author: Apuoyo the Hare
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