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A Lion King Salute

Can you unleash the king in me

When Simba begins his day

Taking his stand all across the land

He inspects the priceless view


Zazu shares his special wisdom

As advisor to the king

Who can say what he doesnít know

Yet he shares it fairly well


Timon such the noble type

Seeming oh so sure at times

He seems to have a limited life

Very lazy, but he gets by


Pumbaa a most noticeable character

His size and scent give way

Very cautious in his nature

But all too serious all the time


Nala has her special traits

Quite the friend for her to be

Sings with a voice like the wind

Very curious and detailed in mind


Scar shows the darkest side

No fear when he has the advantage

But does he plan things to the end

To account for every possibility


Rafiki most wise in nature

Much that we canít understand

He adds that right amount of spice

To shake things once in awhile


Brave Mufasa, such a great king

And with wisdom, two great traits

He seemed quite blameless definitely

With courage to protect his son


What else can make these special

Such that the high-end spirituality

Marking the way in thunder

Peace be to he the king!

Copyright Thomas Sweet (11/24/97)

A Nocturnal Dream


I am very happy

To see the setting sun

To close my eyes for awhile

And live in another place



 Lift your voices everyone

Behold this special creation

Shining toward an endless horizon

Great creatures all around


I touch the peaceful earth

Not like our own back home

The colors brightly reflect

A hue not quite like our own


Africa is where Iíll be

Inside the great Pride Lands

Zimmerís music fills the sky

A special place to be


To see the lion approaching

Much different than the usual king

It is Simba, oh yes I can see

His courage brings him to me


Can this be real on earth?

Can one make the fictional real?

Quite so, and in a brilliant flash

I see Simba passing by.


Copyright Thomas Sweet (12/3/97)

If anyone can put music to this, please contact me

A Prominence

 Do you hear the voices in the wind?

They carry messages our ears will hear

Tranquil in the deliverance of them

They tell of one basic truth


Where is the king to be found?

And how we prosper under his name

We raise our voices aloud

And pronounce his great kingdom


He himself has mastered the ways

He has trained us in his wisdom

And delivered us from ourselves

Even the wind changes at his command


Who but Simba has learned?

And taught his life to us

Mufasa taught many inspirational things

And bestowed in Simba the truth


Trials of might and sorrow filled

Special traits possessed by them

To help them get through those days

And leave us a trail in his example


Consider every word you say

He has heard them all before

Settling in his rightist mind

To bring what heís learned to Earth.

Copyright Thomas Sweet 1997

Author: Thomas Sweet
Original HTML by Thomas Sweet
HTML Modified for PLOL by Thumper

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