Pride Lands Online
To Sarafina

From an idea in 'Tales at Sunset' by Chris Boyce
3rd December 1996

I lie alone now.
Yesterday my friend lay close,
our talk went back and forth like friends talk does,
about this and that and some of the other like friends talk does.
And later, when the sunset came and the day grew cold,
my friend gave her life to save a life whose day was still to come.
And remember her as we do now, while she lies all alone.

I walk alone now.
Yesterday my friend walked here,
we ran along side by side like friends for life,
through gulley and grass and over the ridges like friends for life.
and later, when her time came and her life grew cold,
my friend's time ended to let anothers go on as her own had done.
We will remember her, those still here, while she walks on alone.

I sleep alone now.
Yesterday my friend slept warm,
we slept and dreamed of times when we were friends,
dreamed of good and bad and of great and painful, sure that we were friends.
and later, when she awoke and her heart grew cold,
my friend was still my friend, no matter what she did or said.
I grow older now, like those still here, while you sleep on alone.

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