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The Lion King II : A Messed Up Sequal

Morning on Pride Rock. Everyone is still asleep. Kiara awakes and notices everyone else is still snooozing

Kiara - Hmm, the sun is about to rise, and daddy said he'd show me the sunrise with him.

Kiara runs to Simba, looks around, and bite Simba on the ear lightly

Simba - (mumbling while still asleep) - Oooh Nala, you know that drives me crazy.

Kiara looks puzzled and bites him harder. Simba starts kicking his left back paw and begins breathing heavily with a smile on his face. Nala awakes

Nala - Simba? Kiara? Whats going on???
Kiara - He won't wake up.
Nala - Simba, WAKE UP!!!!
Simba - yawns Nala, I feel really good. No one's up, d'ya wanna--

Nala shoots him a "shut up" face

Simba - What?
Nala - Kiara.
Simba - Oh.
Nala - Well, anyway,what is it sweety?
Kiara - Why did daddy's paw freak out when I bit his ear?
Nala - Um, uh--
Simba - Well, I'm sure thats not the reason you came up here and woke us up before sunrise.
Kiara - Daddy said he'd watch the sunrise with me.
Simba - Oh yeh. C'mon hunny.

the 2 walk out to pride rock

Kiara - Wow, the sunrise sure is pretty.
Simba - I remember when my dad showed me the sunrise for the..first..time..stares blankly
Kiara - Whats wrong?
Simba - I miss my dad.
Kiara - What was he like?
Simba - Majestic, sweet, royal.

Kiara thinks a while for a subject change seeing her dad is beginning to sniffle

Kiara - Um, is all this gonna be my kingdom one day?
Simba - Uh-huh.
Kiara - Even that shadowy place?
Simba - Kind of. The heyena's left when I kicked Scars ass, but it's just an elephant graveyard.
Kiara - Ew!
Simba - Also, you're part of the great circle of life.
Kiara - Does that mean what I think it does?
Simba - What do you think?
Kiara - You get born, live, have a cub, then die?
Simba - In a way. As my dad put it, when you die, your body becomes the
grass, and the antelope eat the grass, then we eat antelope.
Kiara - So, in a way, we're eating our ancestors?
Simba - No! Nala, help!!
Nala - (comes out) - What is it dear?
Simba - Can you explain to Kiara the circle of life?
Nala - Okay. Kiara, I'll use us as an example. First, I was born, then I grew up and met Simba. I had you, but one day i'll die. But you will have a cub too.
Kiara - Oh, where do cubs come from though?
Nala - Here, this is your question Simba.
Simba - Um, okay, first, two lions have to love each other. Then, uh, the male lion jumps on the female lion, and she gets pregnant.
Kiara - Okay. Can I go talk to timon & pumbaa?
Nala - Sure.

runs to them not 20 ft away

Kiara - Hi ya'll!
Timon & Pumbaa - Hi Kiara.
Kiara - Can I ask you something?
Timon - Sure.
Kiara - I don't think it matters if you're a lion or not, but, d'you wanna get me pregnant, I want a cub.
Timon - WHAT???????????

Simba & nala overhear & come running to her

Simba - Now, Kiara, don't ask that to them. We need to talk. (takes her aside)
Kiara - But, you said we had to be in love to have a cub. I love Pumbaa & timon.
Nala - It's a different kind of love.
Kaira - Huh?
Nala - Daddy was a little confused when he explained. Simba, i'll have to re-explain it to her.
Okay, lets use me & Simba as an example again. Me & Simba met and realized we loved each other alot. So, um, Simba wanted to express his love.
Simba - HEY!
Nala - So SIMBA got on MY back and um, literally started riding me. While that was goin on he injected this icky stuff into me called "sperm". The sperm joined with the egg cell in my body and then I was pregnant. Whew. Glad that little talk is over.
Simba - I don't see how you just told her that.
Kiara - So, don't get pregnant?
Nala - No, not until your alot older and meet a lion you love alot.
Simba - And don't ask anyone to get you pregnant. Ok?
Kiara - Ok. Can I go play now?
Simba - Sure hun. Take Zazu with you.
Zazu - Huh? I'm getting old, I don't wanna go.
Nala - Well, take Pumbaa and Timon.
Timon - Sure we'll go with you kid!
Pumbaa - Yeh.
Nala - Thanks ya'll, have fun sweetheart.
Kiara - Bye mom! ( leaves )
Simba - How did you explain to her sex?
Nala - I unno.
Simba - Speaking of witch, wanna go back to the cave?
Nala - Rrrow. I guess we still do have a little fire left in our marriage.
( they walk back while kissing every 3 seconds)

TImon Kiara and Pumbaa

Timon - So, Kiara, howzit feel to be princess?
Kiara - I dunno,I haven't got to do anything yet.
Pumbaa - You're very pretty.
Kiara - Oh, why thank you. Do ya'll know anything about my dad?
Timon - Well, we met him a long time ago when he was a cub. He ran away when he thought he had murdered his father.
Kiara - Oh my God.
Timon - Actually, his uncle killed him. Then, his uncle was killed by heyenas and here you are.
Pumbaa - Very touching.
(voices over somewhere else)
voice - Mom, i'm leaving.
voice - okay hun, be back for dinnertime.
voice - yeh.
Kiara - Lets go talk to them.

Kiara runs to the other cub. He's got dark fur and a black tuft of hair

Kiara - Hi, I'm Kiara. This is Pumbaa and Timon.
cub - Hi, I'm Kovu. I'm king!
Kiara - King? My dad is king.
Kovu - I'm from another pride.
Kiara - Whos pride?
Kovu - Our leader's dead.
Kiara - Oh, I'm sorry. I'm in Simba's pride. Simba is my dad. Hey
Pumbaa, timon, can me and Kovu go and play?
Timon - Okay. Don't do anything your parents wouldn't.
(switch scenes to a cave)
Nala voice - Mmm, oh Simba.
Simba voice - Yeh, you like that don't you?
Nala - Oh yes, mmmm...
(switch scenes to Kovu & kiara)
Kiara - It's nice meeting you.
Kovu - You too.
Kiara - I'm thirsty, do you wanna go get some water at the waterhole?
Kovu - Okay.
Kiara - Sometimes I hate being the only cub in my pride. It can get so lonly.
Kovu - I know what you mean.
Kiara, C'mon, I'll let you meet my parents. D'you see that cave over there?
Kovu - Uh-huh.
Kiara - Thats where my parents live. I'll race you there!
Kovu - You're on.
(they race and Kovu wins)
Kiara - Wow, you won.
Kovu - yeh!
Kiara - (yelling) - Mom, Dad, where are you?

She finds Simba and Nala asleep on their"Throne". Nalas paw is on Simba's side

Kiara - MOM, DAD , WAKE UP!!!!
(they awake)
Nala - Hi sweety.
Simba - Hi Angel, did you have fun? I know I did.
Nala - Simba!
(Kovu looks at them wide-eyed)
Kiara - (noticing Kovu's look) - What?
Kovu - C'mere Kiara.

Kiara walks over to him

Kovu - (whispering) - I think your parents just had sex.
Kiara - Does that mean I'll have a little sister?
Kovu - I think.
(goes back to N&S)
Kiara - Mom, are you pregnant?
Nala - I might be.
Kiara - So I'll have a little cub sibling?
Simba - Yeh, maybe.
Kiara - COOL!!!
Nala - Who is your friend Kiara?
Kiara - Thats Kovu, from the pride next door.
Simba - Pride next door???? Who was your leader?
Kovu - My dad, Scar.
Nala - Scar?? You're Scars son?
Simba - Who's your mom?
Kovu - Zira.
Simba - Oh my god, Scar was evil. I want you outta my cave!!!
Kiara - Daddy????!!!???
Nala - Simba, he's not Scar.
Simba - Yeh, but he's Scars blood.
Kiara - Who is Scar?? Whats so bad about Kovu???
(Kovu becomes frightened)
Simba - OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Simba begins to chase Kovu out, not hurting him, just scaring him. Simba chases him far and returns to the cave about 10 minutes later)

Nala - Simba, why did you do that?
Simba - He's my Uncle's son, he's evil too. He has Scar's blood.
Kiara - His dad is your uncle??? The uncle who killed your dad?
Simba - Yes. Timon told you?
Kiara - Uh-huh. Daddy, you didn't have to scare him to death!
Simba - I just want you to stay away from Kovu. He'll get you into big trouble.
Kiara - But, he's my friend.
Nala - You have to understand where your dad is coming from. Kovu's dad killed your dads dad.
Kiara - You still didn't have to terrify him!! (shes almost crying)
Nala - Simba, I think this is a job for the mother.
Simba - Yeh, I'll be waiting outside the cave, you talk to Kiara.
Nala - Okay.
(Nala & Kiara go inside)
Nala - Kiara, your father had a good reason.
Kiara - But he was so violent!
Nala - Sometimes violence is the only way to solve problems.
Kiara - what?
Nala - You have to understand how much Kovu's dad hurt Simba.
Kiara - But, Kovu couldn't help who's family he was born into.
Nala - I know, but just understand. Your dad still loves you, and he's only trying to watch out for your well-being.
Kiara - Okay.(thinking : Yeh right)
Nala - Okay. Now gimme a kiss.


Nala - I love you sweety.
Kiara - i love you too. (go out)
Nala - Simba, I think things are cleared up.
Simba - You're such a good parent Nala.
Nala - Thanks.
Kiara - Daddy, will you play with me?
Simba -, what?
Kiara - Chase!!
Simba - Okay.
(Simba runs off with Kiara on his tail They run through some deep water. Simba makes it easily, but Kiara tries to jump over it and falls in and begins to drown.)
Simba - Kiara!!
(Simba runs and pulls her to land)
Kiara - Ugh. A-a-a-achoo!!!!
Simba - Bless you.
Kiara -Thanks.
Simba - Kiara, angel, you need to be more careful where you go.
Kiara - Daddy, loosen up!! Thanks for saving me and all, but still.
(Simba looks down sadly)
Kiara - Daddy, C'mon, lets go play!!
Simba - Okay, race you up to the top of Pride Rock!!
Kiara - You're on! (They run off)

scene - pride rock Nala and some other lionesses are chatting

Nala - So then I said, "Sherah, you are pretty even though your left eye is torn out."
Sarafina - Nala honey, where's your husband?
Nala - Simba went out with Kiara to play.
Sherah - I heard some yelling earlier, what was Simba yelling about?
Nala - Oh my. Kiara met a lion from nextdoors pride. Y'know how next doors pride is Scars pride?
Chloe - Yes.
Nala - Well, Kiara brought home Scars son, Kovu. He's an adorable cub, but Simba freaked when he found out he was Scar's son.
Sherah - Didn't Kiara know he was Scars son?
Sarafina - Didn't she know about Scar?
Nala - Well, Timon & Pumbaa told her about her great uncle, but she didn't know his name or what he looked like.
Chloe - So it wasn't her fault.
Nala - No, but you know how Simba can be. He can be such an animal.
Sherah - In bed?
Nala - Hey!!
(Just then, the lionesses hear loud moaning in pain. They go over to where the noise is behind some bushes. There is A jaguar and her cub and a tiger and her cub)
Nala - Woah, wh-whats wrong?
Tiger - We're gonna die. We've been wandering the dessert trying to get back to the jungle. We're dehydrated and we both have cubs.
Chloe - Oh dear god, thats horrible!
Sarafina - Nala, what are we supposed to do with them?
Nala - Well..I am queen so I guess you can stay with us for a while. You need someone to take care of your cubs till you can re-gain strength. Chloe, can you take their cubs to the waterhole?
Tiger Cub - Hi, I'm Sanabi.
Jaguar Cub - And I'm Shenni.
Jaguar Mom - Thank you so much.
Tiger Mom - We appreciate it, do you have any food?
Nala - Sure. C'mon.
Chloe - Nala, can your mom help me with the other cub?
Nala - Mom, will you?
Sarafina - Sure honey. C'mon cubs.
(The cubs follow Chloe & Sarafina while the others go back to Pride rock) At Pride Rock -
Sherah - Do you eat Wildebeast?
Tiger -Yes, oh, by the way, my name is Roshana.
Jaguar - I'm Ramani.

All start chowing down

meanwhile at the waterhole--

Chloe - So, how old are ya'll?
Shenni - We don't know.
Sarafina - Do you want to come and live with us?
Sanabi - Sure, why not?
Sarafina - How did you get here?
Sanabi - We went on a vacation with our moms and then when we tried to get back home, we got lost and ended up in the desert.
Chloe - Oh my.
Shenni - Yeh. So you're REALLY gonna let us live with you?
Sarafina - I'm sure my daughter and her husband won't mind.
Chloe - They're king and queen.
Shenni - You don't think they will mind since I'm a jaguar and she's a tiger.
Chloe - Well, Simba will understand.
Sanabi - (whispering to Shanni) - Hey, since we're the only cubs, maybe we could run this joint when they king and queen die. Cool huh?
Shenni - Very.


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