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A starry night -
the silence broke;
a phantom rose
and to me spoke.

Oh spirits hear
my plaintive cry.
Behold my father
in the sky.
Pray, did I cause
his life be rent
or was I just
an innocent?
Alas I feel
for my own part
a stole of guilt
upon my heart.

Oh! Please forgive
this wayward son
who from his past
did basely run.

In firmament
his tender gaze
brings heady warmth
of erstwhile days,
but in a voice
accusing said,
by spirit of
my father dead,
"You have forgot
I live in you"
and in my heart
I know it's true.

I vacillate.
I am alone.
He says I must
reclaim my throne,
but going back
to that fell place
would mean my past
I'd have to face.

tears this lion.
Great Mufasa's
pale young scion
mews himself in
guilt accruing
for the past he's
been eschewing!

Wise Rafiki
I beseech thee,
tell me, will my
clan impeach me?

Despite the fear
I feel inside,
might I reclaim
this lion's pride?

Text Version
{Submitted by Dave C.}
{HTML by Thumper}

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