Pride Lands Online

How Timon and Pumbaa Met

by "Timon"

Chapter One

________As the sun awakened in a blazing red sky, a lone scorpion took its daily stroll in the sand, and as he stopped at the sight of a dead jackal, which he had killed the day before, he thought of himself as the Great Predator, who eats and is not eaten, the all powerfu--WHACK!
________-Lifeís not fair, is it? You see, Iím the next guard. And you...youíre my breakfast! *crunch*
________-Hey, Timon!-said a voice from the underground.-No time for eating now. Itís your turn! Didnít you already know?
________-Unfortunately, I did,-muttered Timon, as he looked down to the entrance of the burrow.What he least liked of life was standing guard. For him, it was the most boring thing in the world.
________-Why me, anyway? Iím tired and hungry,-he said, as he munched the scorpionís head.-Right now Iím more likely to sleep.
________-Aw, címon! Just stand there and watch for danger!!-demanded the voice.
________Timon yawned, sighed, and stood up, still with he scorpionís tail dangling from his mouth. He stretched, opened his eyes wide, and stared into the horizon.

________Meanwhile, in the burrow, 2 female meerkats discussed Timon.
________-Heís so...
________-Yeah, so...
________-So irresponsible!
________-So handsome!
________-How can you say that?-they both asked each other, at the same time.
________-Well, his eyes, his stripes, his taaaaaiiiil...sigh! And heís so smart!!
________-Mwithu! Even a hyena could be smarter than him!
________-Thatís not true, Jandka!!!
________-Besides, he hates to work. Iíll bet heís sleeping on the job right now.
________-Oh, really? Well , Iíll bet heís NOT!!
________-Well, why donít you go see?
________-As a matter of fact, I will!

________And so, with the speed only meerkats possess, the sleek female meerkat hurried over to the burrowís entrance and listened. Nothing. She was afraid Timon was sleeping, so she silently peeked out of the burrow. There he was. His back shining like copper against the sun, in an upright, stiff position, using both tail and feet as a tripod. Mwithu scurried over to where Jandka was and said, ďSee? I told you he was working!Ē

Chapter 2

Night fell, covering the Kalahari Desert with its black cape and cold breath. As the stars-great kings of the past-began to appear, a meerkat stretched himself, shook, and tried not to close his eyes. He sat down and relaxed his body, which had been stiff all day. As he listened to the nightís orchestra, wondering what the stars were, he watched their various-colored shines: 15 white, 10 cyan, 9 orange, a pair of greenish yellow ones--
________ďGreenish-yellow?!?Ē , he thought, startled. He froze ,as the ďstarsĒ got closer. He heard a low growl and saw a white glow under the greenish-yellow ones.
________Timon reacted quickly and merely escaped the jackalís attack, zooming into the den and giving the alarm.Tha jackal, too hungry to give up so soon, dug in the entrange to make it big enough for , at least, her head. As soon as her head got in, she attempted to grab the nearest meerkat. Suddenly, she felt a great pain in her ears, and cheeks, and blood was drawn. Five adult meerkats were biting and scratching her fiercely. Timon ran straight to the jackalís neck and closed his jaws on a small part of it. The jackal turned her head quickly and grabbed Timon by his back, shaking him, making him bleed. Mwithu saw this, and she attempted to save Timon. Being a female meerkat, she was more fragile, and Timon knew this.
________-Mw-w-i-th-u-u!! Sta-a-an-d b-a-a-ck--agh!!
________-Timon!!-she screamed. She felt the anger rising up to her throat, and attacked the jackal with all her might. She left the jackalís ear all bitten, and her face was almost completely red with blood, but the jackal wasnít stupid. She got her head out of the hole, shook Timon harder, and opened her jaws, sending Timon flying far away. She quickly got her head inside again and found Mwithu, got her out by the tail, fastened her to the ground with her paws, and with one bite and a shocking crack, broke Mwithuís back, and left ,with her dead body, to her den, never to return.

________ Meanwhile, as he was still in the air, Timon felt the wind through his wounds, and that was the last thing he sensed before his head whammed against a rock, and everything went black.

________Still with his back hairs on end, an adult meerkat told everyone else that the jackal had gone.
________-...but not without taking 2 great souls: Timonís and Mwithuís. Even though Timon was a little irresponsible, we all know he was a very, very good friend. And Mwithu, we shall remember her for her nobleness and beauty. Let us mourn for their death.
________And so, they remained silent, sadly mourning, quietly crying.

Chapter 3

________Slowly, Timonís eyelids slid upwards,but as soon as his pupils were revealed, he closed his eyes quickly, blinded by the sunís bright light and at the same time attempting to keep away the water that came into his eyes. He knew it wasnít rain, so he soon realized he had been unconcious and someone was trying to revive him with water. He opened his eyes once again, this time looking for the one who had helped him. There was noone in sight, so he next ried to recognize the scenery. He had fallen in front of a rock, that was for sure, but there were no rocks around. He was in a little spot where there was no grass, in front of a puddle with clear water, which still had some ripples. I?-asked Timon weakly, to nobody in particular, not expecting an answer.
________-Do you want to know exactly where, or just where?
________ď!,Ēthought Timon, who was too surprised and confused to think anything else, at that momet. When he recovered from te surprise, which was soon, he asked all the questions that came to his mind.
________-Who are you? What are you? Where are you? What am I doing here?
And...whatís that smell? As he talked, a putrid odor filled the air.
________-Oh...sorry. Anyways, Iím Pumbaa.
________-I see that. But not you.
________-But not me what?
________-I_donít_see_you!! Come on out!!
________-Sure you want to see me? Reeeaaally sure?
________-Sure Iím sure! Címon!
________-Uh... OK.
The souce of the voice timidly took a few steps forward from where he was hiding, behind a dry bush, towards the very confused meerkat.
________-AAAGH!! a-a-a wart hoggg!
________-You-you-you...saved me,- said Timon nervously,-thank you! you saved me, thank you.
________-Oh, itís all right! -Pumbaa said, as he slowly approached Timon. The closer Pumbaa was, the more frantic Timon got. In his community, it was illegal to talk to warthogs, espacially outlaw warthogs, and Pumbaa certainly smelled--I mean, stunk like one. Why was it illegal? Hereís a short explanation: a very long time ago, a warhog with some kind of virus (maybe rabies) had destroyed a whole meerkat community and a half, of which only 3 or 4 meerkats survived. From then on, warthogs and meerkats were prohibited to even see each other. So then Timon, being a meerkat, wasnít very sure of establishing a frienship with Pumbaa. He saw Timonís unsureness and stopped walking towards him. Right beside Pumbaa there was a big, juicy beetle moving slowly. He hit the beetle with a hoof, leaving it unable to do anything. He offered it to Timon, but received in turn a face with a ďGross!Ew!Yuck!Ē look.
________-Donít you like beetles?
________Are you kidding? I eat scorpions, lizards and very small mammals.
________-Oh, well,I guess itís the only thingthere is here,right?
________-All right, then. Iíll taste it. Eeee. Itís all...slimy.
________-Itís slimy, yet satisfying!
________-Mmmh! Et shr es! Hmm-mm! Nat huff bud! *munch*
________-See? You liked it, didnít you?
________-Yeuh!(crack, gulp)Aah. That was really good! Now let me just stand up and IíllOW!!
________-Hmm, seems like you were in a fight or something. You had blood everywhere when I found you.
________-Yeah, a jackal attacked me. Saaay, could you take me? To where you found me? On your back?
________-Allll right!!
________Pumbaa leaned forward and picked up Timon with his tusks, and Timon crawled painfully to the back of his head and held on to his ears. They walked and walked until they came to the rock where Timon had crashed.
________-Aha! Here we are! See that sand mound over there with a meerkat guarding? Thatís Home!! Come on, Pumbaa, move it!
________-Uh, just 2 questions before we leave.
________-2 questions.
________-Whatís your name?
________-Oh, yeah, my name, sorry. My _beautiful_ name is Timon.
________-Beautiful indeed!
________-Thanks. Next question?
________-Are you sure *I* should take you?
________-Oh, Pumbaa, please! Once they see how good-natured you are, maybe youíll even get to live with us!
________ -Letís go then!
________Meanwhile, the guarding meerkat, who was half asleep, opened his eyes really wide when he saw... Timon!! Riding on a warthog!!! He ran down the entrance as fast as he could, interrupting a conference. As soon as he explained what he had seen, they were all shocked. Of course, all with different feelings.
________-Hey everybody!! Iím back!!!-shouted Timon, suddenly.
________-Timon!-said everyone in unison-
________-Iíd like to introduce you to my new friend, P--
________-Friend?!-asked an adult, closing in on Timon.-That wartog there, is your friend?!!
________-Yeah, well, but you donít understand! He--
________-I understand perfectly, Timon,it means you have broken the law!!!
________-But heís not like the others! I wouldnít be here if it werenít for him!
________-Even if he saved the universe, heís still a warthog and you should have nothing to do with him! Timon... I_am_sorry, but itís the law.
________-You mean...?
________-Gíbye, Timon,-said a young kit.
________Timon opened his mouth to say something, but he knew it was no use. He just turned back and slowly climbed up to the exit. He stopped once, and looked back to his dear community, sighed and went on climbing. Once outside, he sat down and lookd at the sand, the golden sand with which he had grown up. The sand in which he had fallen more than once as a kit. He took a few in his fingers, and watched it fall back. He felt the sun, the hot sun warming his wounds, the sun who had always been with him. He looked up at the clear blue sky, and realized he had nowhere to go. He looked at Pumbaa with sad, sorrowful eyes.
________-What happened?- asked Pumbaa.
________-Iíve been exiled,-answered Timon, absently,-exiled...

Chapter 4

________-To the what?!
________-The jungle, Timon! The jungle!!
________- But itís dangerous!
________-Not where weíre going! Thereís a part where thereís no carnivores what-so-ever!
________Timon doubted and thinked for a moment, then asked:
________-You sure itís safe?
________-Perfectly!-Replied Pumbaa.
________-Then what are we waiting for? Letís go!!
________Some time later, they came to a small waterhole in the borders of the jungle. They drank like camels, for they had walked for many miles (yes, *both* of them). They soon found a cozy spot to sleep, under a wide, gray tree, and slept soundly.
________The next day, Timon found a big rock and asked Pumbaa to help him lift it. Underneath were piles of slimy and crunchy invertebrate cuisine. Timon still wasnít very sure about eating bugs, what left Pumbaa with most of them.
________-See?-asked Pumbaa to his friend.-There arenít any problems here!*crunch*
________-Youíre right, Pumbaa.*slurp* In Swahili, that would be translated into...ĒHakuna MatataĒ...Hey, sounds great!
________-What are you thinking, Timon?
________-Iím thinking, Pumbaa, that every team needs a motto, and that could be ours!
________-Good idea! Oh, you always have good ideas, Timon! Youíre soooo smart!!
________-Thanks, Pumbaa.
________They wnt on peacefully eating, until Pumbaa sniffed the air.
________-Hey Timon....sniff...smell what I smell?
________-*sniff* Yyyyess, Pumbaa... I_told_you not to eat so much.
________-Not that! The +carcass+!
________-Pumbaa, Pumbaa, Pumbaa.You surprise me. What oh, just tell me what, is sooo great about a *carcass*? I certainly donít see anything great about it.
________-But Timoooooaan! Predators kill things, and eat all they can, but they canít eat it all, so they just leave them there and guess what comes for the leftovers, guess what guess what!-asked Pumbaa, jumping up and down excitedly.
________-Um...hyenas,-replied Timon with an obvious expression of boredom on his face.
________-Not_just_that, Timon! MAGGOTS!!
________-Maggots!? Ha! And what do you expect us to do with all those squirmy wormies?
________-Well, theyíre worms, we can eat them!
________-EAT THEM!? Thatís the dumbest idea Iíve ever--Wait...what if we eat them? Iíve heard theyíre even tastier than beetles! Letís go, Pumbaa!
________-Will we eat hem?
________-Of course! Now, follow that smell!

After a maggoty feast, both friends returned to the big gray tree and took a nap, burping every now and then. From that day on, they became the best of friends, and Timon became an expert on bug-eating (and Pumbaa helped at this). Everything was just the same routine (with some minor daily changes) until that one day...

Chapter 5

________-...get it?
________Got it, Timon!
________-Sshhh! Youíll scare them away before we get a chance to
________do anything!
________-Oh, okay,-whispered Pumbaa in a very low voice.
________They were silently hiding close to the ground, between a tree and a bush, and watched the furry, brownish-gold body laying motionless on the ground.
________-Get ready, get set...GO!!!
________-YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!-they shouted, as they kicked, hit and smacked the vultures away from their ďfoodĒ.
________-I love it! ďBowling for BuzzardsĒ!-commented Pumbaa.
________-Ha ha! Gets Ďem every time! Ha ha ha ha!!
________As Pumbaa got closer to the body, he saw he didnít have the signs of being ďtotally deadĒ, so he warned Timon.
________-Hey, Timon! You better come look! I think itís still alive...

And then, Back to the movie! THE END

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