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This Issue's Feature Page: The Lion King Fan-Art Page

Creater: Nimord Carmi
E-Mail Address:

General Overview

Nimrod has done a wonderful job with his homepage. You load it up, and there are 2 frames. One is to the left and has links to all the separate parts of his homepage. The other is the main frame and is the part with the action in it. In the background, a Midi of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" can be heard, if you have the right utilities. You sorely need Netscape or Internet Explorer to fully view this site!

The Mane Page

This is the page that you will see when you load up. It has a little about himself then it goes on to "Mufasa's Quote of the Day," which is a little message that changed by a PERL script every time you re-load it. Very insightful. After that, a little tidbit about the TLKMuck as his character on it, Mzunga. Then it goes on to thanks yous and a bunch of copyrights. With a great background of 5 lions every so often, and the wonderful bar that he uses, it really is a festive mood he sets.

"My Story"

This is a very moving and touching story about how The Lion King affected Nimrod, himself. You've gotta read this if you want to get the entire effect of his page.

Fan Pictures

A table FULL of every TLK fan art picture you'd want! Everything from Carmi to Tiemann. It's labled what the name is, a description of what it is, and what kind of picture it is (GrayScale, Color JPEG, or 3D Color JPEG.) Here's an example of one of his works:

Fan Fiction and Texts

None of his own, yet a list of other's works. They are: Joshua Templin, Brian Tienmann and his FAQ, Samual Simpson, Ryan Markey, and lots of songs by Drew Palmer. They are some really great stories, etc.

TLK Links

Yes, the ever-popular links page. It has every TLK Link from some small, unknown one, to the best ones like "The First Church of Simba" and Brian Tiemann's. If you're looking to search the web, GO HERE!

And finally...
Finally, he has his log of updates. This is really a great page that grew from barely anything. If you're looking for something to do on a Saturday night, you may want to point here!

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