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This Issue's Feature Page: The LION KING web connector

Creater: Tank Winters
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Tank has a wonderful page. It's main purpose is to make it easier for "Lion King" fans to find the place on the Net that you want to go. It has the most links to any TLK place online than any other I've seen.

Official Disney Sites

Tank has compiled here every web page connected with "The Lion King" that Disney owns. Everything from the Sound Tracks to the "Timon and Pumbaa Show."

Unofficial Sites

This is where you will find the bulk of his links. It has everything from ASCII to Midis to Fan Art and Fic to Brian Tiemann. This is the place that you would want to go.

People that ARE TLK

This is a great place to go, as well, since it has a link to Jonathan Taylor Thomas' homepage on AOL to Bios of the composers/musicians involved in the greatest movie ever made!

Links Page

Yes, he actaully has links to other pages with links. Hey, if he doesn't have it, the the sites listed here will!

Recently Added Web Pages

If you have visited here before, he keeps this page where you can find any number of pages that he has just recently added. If you come back, this'd be the place to go first.

Wrap Up...

Finally, Tank organized his homepage with a great amount of efficiency and I know that if you can't find what you're looking for, you'll find it here. No problem (Hakuna Matata)!

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