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This Issue's Feature Page: My Lion King Obsession..

Creater: Stuart McNabb and Tzup Chen (official Lion King addicts)
E-Mail Address: Stuart McNabb (Tzup Chen's E-Mail address not found.)


These people are by far is the ultimate Lion King fans. Well, if not, they at least at the very top of the list. These guys spent thousands of dollars on Lion King paraphanalia that I didn't even know existed. Though this sight can be slow loading because it's located in Australia.

Main Page

LOTS of nice images and plenty of quotes from these Lion King adicts about how they feel about the Lion King, their favorite TLK items, but it is viewed best 800x600 res or greater with SVGA and a frame-supporting browser like Netscape 3.0. Although, there is a no-frames page. It also has a nice MIDI of "I Just Can't Wait to be King" playing in the background. All of us with 8 meg of RAM may not want to load the images or the RAM will bomb you out. I know this from first-hand exprience, BTW. Oh, one more thing. Everything that has this image: Stuart is the property of Stuart McNabb. Everything with this image: Tzup is property of Tzup Chen.

Lion King Cells

OK, Stuart wins this round. Not only does this page show what kinds of cells there are in detail, these guys have scans of each of the cells as well as who owns them. Personally, I do not know who owns the ones with both images by them (shared? two copies?), but I do know that these cells cost a lot of money. This is one of those pages you've gotta see to believe.

Stuart's favorite TLK item is on this page. It's a simple original picture of Zazu that he got from who knows where. Most of the items on this page are out of reproduction, and some of them are the only copies in exsistance.

Books and Posters
Give one to Tzup. Although thse guys seem to co-own or each own a copy of half this stuff, Tzup owns the most by himself. Among the things here are books, cards, story books based on the movie, TLK greeting cards, postcards, calendar, coloring books, story books, Mufasa's words of wisdom, pop-up book, Mask book, the official TLK Magazine (released just after the movie in Australia). Everything here is pictured. This is definately a must-see. It's amazing.

The posters have their own page, if you don't see the link at the top of the page. Yep, they have pictures here, too. Everything from TLK promo posters to Timon & Pumbaa.

Misc Collectables

Mugs, statues/figurines, plates, watch, ceramin figures, charms. You have no clue how expensive these must have been because the quality is excellent. Another one for Stuart.

Weird Collectables

Everything you wanted to know, but didn't need to know, the Lion King has out: Kleenex, Perfume, Greeting Cards, Bubble Bath (there's Simba, Scar, and Nala, but others, too), and LOTS of others.

Videos and Laser Discs

Tzup wins. He has tons more then Stuart. A thing every Lion King addict needs. The Lion King in Laser Disc. He also classifies video tapes, lithographs, and video books, here. Ask him if you need to know where to get them. Yes, he even has 'The Making of The Lion King" and TLK in Chinese.

This page has a list of their audios, too. We've got lots of T&P sound tracks, TLK sound tracks, interesting little bits. There's still lots more, you've gotta see this page.

Wrap Up

Every page that I have not discussed is just as funny and wonderfully HTMLized as the next! Among these are:

  • Timon & Pumbaa Cells
  • TLK Clothes
  • Plushes (of cource!) and Games
  • Lion King Script and Music

    Again, you must go to this page or you're missing out on something exciting! You MUST go here and see everything in the world there is. If you don't like frames, try this page. There's really lots more than you think. Write them if you want to know where they got everything keeping in mind that they live in Australia.

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