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Yes, I know that I've done this homepage before, but there have been so many updates to this page since we last visited it, that I must reiterate why you MUST go there. I've included all the old stuff, which includes a re-design of the old stuff, but also a great Quebec affiliate of The First Church of Simba. It's in French and very well done. BTW, this is also the guy that does most of our cover art here at the Pride Lands Online.

The Cahedral of Saint Sarafina

You're going to be blown away by the heavy heavy graphics here. If you've visited The First Church of Simba before, you'll appriciate it more then ever. This page is in French, but I know Spanish and navigated it pretty well. It really will blow your mind how excellent the graphics are of this 100% certified 'fina-holic. It's some of the best graphics I've probably ever seen out of him.

The major part to this is the automated confessional. Hillariously done, as a spoof of the modern Catholic Cathedral where no offense is meant, you'll need a fast computer and a good Internet connection!!! If you're baffled by what it means, go to the original page and take a look. It's pretty similar in words, but you've still gotta go see the pictures he made! They are excellent!!!

Lion King Fan-Art

Although it is not the most directly related Lion King Art, it still has some wonderfully funny ads (one for "The Pride Land Brew") and other spoofs (like Timon having a few computer problems) of, what else, "The Lion King." Thumbnails load for your conviniece in the standard layout of the two-column table.

If you think that he's not qualified to do this art, think again. His Résumé is something else:

1995-...       Major in Studio Arts, Concordia University, Montreal, QC

1993-1995     CEGEP degree in Fine Arts, CEGEP of Joliette, Joliette, QC

1992-1993     CEGEP first year in Sciences, College de L'Assomption, L'Assomption, QC

Here's a little something he did. The bigger image is on his page:

Pride Lands Brew (by David)

Something else that's quite amuzing is the excellent Windows 95 startup screen of Rafiki :-)


David has a zombie character on the TLKMuck named "Shango," and he's a meerkat. Well, he does love meerkats, about as much as anybody. In addition to a great meerkat link, this page has tons of really wonderful meerkat pictures. When you first load the page, you see the standard table layout with large thumbnails on the left that he re-touched and the links to the larger files, which are of the same quality, but much larger.

Now, to top off the 8 meerkat pictures he has, he actually painted a painting for his a painting project at school. He scanned it in somehow and now he's got it there. It's called "Together We Stand." He even made a wonderful sketch of a meerkat while watching a documentary.

It gets better. Anyone with Windows and that's a meerkat or a Timon lover will die for this. He actually has screens to replace those boring start-up screens that you get - A colony of meerkats standing at attension for both Windows 95 AND Windows 3.11! It's really awesome. He also has a huge AVI file of meerkats.


Yep - He's done the same for lions as he's done for meerkats, except this time, there are more pictures, just as high quality! Excellent excellent pictures!!

Lion King Music

This page has everything for the PC that you will need to play his .MP3 (MPEG III) sound bytes (if you have Win32). He has a bunch of miscellaneous songs related to The Lion King, including some bites from the, one of my favorite, Broadway CD. One of these is where he thinks that the origins of Hakuna Matata come from. The biggest thing is his collection of Circle of Life versions. He has versions of it in French, German, Czech, and Spanish, Hebrew, and some even include the lyrics. I'm sure he'd love anyfur that wishes to send in any lyrics or other versions!

Angélique Kidjo Fan Page

David is a big fan of this African singer from Benin. She aparantly sang the French version of Hakuna Matata for the French release of Rythym of the Pride Lands. Although you may never have heard of her, she has a few songs on Act Ventura 2: When Nature Calls and Street Fighter. This is the woman who gave David the ideas for the names of his TLKMuck characters. He has the lyrics for those songs, as well.

The rest of the page is a series of cartoons and paintings that he drew to honor this wonderful singer. They are actually very funny.

Wrap up...

To tell you my opinion, I visit here often, just to look at the meerkat pictures. They are a blast and he really did a great job in organization (not to mention some great links). Go to his page now!

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