Pride Lands Online
Pride Lands Online

1. Banzai's Voice
4. The only primate
7. Everthing that the light touches is Simba's _______.
9. The most of one species is shown in this scene
11. Simba and Nala's son
12. Simba's mother
15. Timon's species
16. What does "Asante Sana" really mean?
19. "I've got a lovely bunch of ________..."
21. Moira Kelly's voice
22. Nala's mother

2. It means "No Worries"
3. Warthog
5. "The herd is on the move, sire." Herd of what?
6. First to say "I laugh in the face of danger! Ha ha ha!"
8. "I just here that name and I shudder." Who's name?
10. First animal to appear
13. At the top of the food chain
14. "Nothing what's the _____ with you?"
17. First thing that Simba roars at
18. Killed by the hyenas
20. Banana Beak

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