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T I M O N ' S       P O U T I N E

For the first time, we introduce you to a new height in culinary delights with Timon's Poutine, a genuine meal from Québec, Canada. It fits perfectly to Timon and Pumbaa's Hakuna Matata lifestyle: It's gross, it's messy and it's delicious!

"Welcome to Pride Rock's Cooking. My name is Timon. Today, we'll cover a classic recipe, coming from an oversea, cold and distant place, Quebec, province of Canada.

"This recipe will do for two persons, or one very very hungry lion. It's a traditionnal junk food meal from Quebec. As far as I know, it is not well known in other countries - so it's up to you to experiment new meals!

"This is one of my favorite recipes - however, I adress a particular tip to all of our four pawed friends: ask for Rafiki's help, because peeling potatoes without a thumb is as frustrating for the lion who peels as it is hilarious for the other members of the pride who are watching... Humans, adults preferably, will help you doing that! What's more, you need fire to perform that recipe! Ask again an adult human who can deal with fire properly. Burned fur smells AWEFUL!"

"Here, you need the basic element, potatoes. 5 to 6 medium sized potatoes will do perfectly. Peel them and slice them in thick fries. Again, a knife will perform a lot better than a claw - ask your favorite adult mandrill."

"Rinse the sliced fries in cold, running water, to eliminate surplus of starch. Then drop into pre-heated oil. For this demonstration, a human had just set up a fryer - thanks Chad. The fryer will also do wonders with fried cockroaches. Just be ensured that the oil is clean when you drop the fries. The Poutine is already gross enough not to add something else."

"The second element of your Poutine is cheese. You need either 400g (1cup 2/3) of sliced'n'diced mozarella cheese (my favorite) or 400g of your favorite cheese. Put the bits of cheese in a bowl while the fries cook."

"The gravy, or sauce, is the third element and can be the success or failure of your Poutine. If available, pick a pouch of 'french fries sauce' mix or 'poutine mix'. In other cases, you can pick your favorite 'hot chicken' sauce mix, or your best 'gravy mix'. Avoid all cream-based, whiteish sauces. Forget mushroom sauce too. You need 500mL of it (2 cups) for two furs. Stir often while thickening the gravy - it tends to stick in the bottom."

"You can add one or two drops of Tabasco/red pepper sauce in your gravy - it ads a pleasant piquant touch to the poutine. Then, when the fries are just brownish (Simba's mane brown), pull them out and separate into two bowls. Put the cheese over the fries in equal portions, and finally, pour generously the gravy over the cheese/fries mix."

"Well, we just cooked the wonderful 'Poutine'. Just don't be fooled by the strange appearance of the meal once the gravy mixes with the lot and melts the cheese. You DIDN'T fail the recipe, it's supposed to look like that. It's DELICIOUS!".

"Et voila!  We'll see you next time, with another exciting recipe!"

<Timon bows, and the screen fades out>

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