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Taka's tale

Once there was a lion, and Taka was his name,
He had known love and hate, before he got his mane.
He loved the lithe Sassie, and she loved him at first,
But this spring became dry, he couldn't slake his thirst.
When he was a young cub, he got an ugly scar,
And the pride was cruel, from then, he was called Scar.
Rafiki tried to help, but he made a mistake,
One that helped the Evil, which came from the fouled lake.
Taka longed to be King: for Melmokh, easy prey.
Soon he forgot the things, that his father did say.
He killed his own brother, tried to kill his nephew,
Had many enemies, but friends only a few.
He had love in his heart, but hatred was stronger,
The Pride Lands would have died, if he had ruled longer.
But when Simba came back, along with his true friends,
Scar had to realize: this is where his path ends.
The last things he had seen, with madly widened eyes,
Were the hyenas' teeth. He had to pay the price.
Just Sassie's grief saved him, from failing his last test,
But forsaking Melmokh, he found eternal rest.

The Lands are green again, the pride is hearty and hale,
And the young cubs listen, with great sadness, this tale...

I'd like to express my gratitude to
  1) John Burkitt, David Morris and Trey McElveen
     -for the Chronicles - because it's my favourite story and
        because this poem was written following their storyline...
     -for not being angry if they find this poem bad...
     -for all their stories
  2) All the other fanfic authors (three guesses why...)

Now I was able to say this without writing attaboys...

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Author: Antos Gábor
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