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Feature: Chronicles of The Pride Lands Critique!

Since day one of the Pride Lands Online, we have welcomed all types of feedback. This was not only for the Webzine itself but also to the authors and artists who contribute their works here. The Pride Lands Online is your Zine, this debut feature section is another big step in making it even more so. With that I present you an introduction from the head writer of the Chronicles of the Pride Lands series, and responses to his works.
-Thumper -- Chief Editor, PLOL

__________It has been a long path from the first words of "The Prediction" to the drafting of this introduction. The four volume Chronicles of the Pride Lands and its companion stories were a joy to write, and served as a bond between myself and Dave Morris--one of the finest friends I have ever known. At the end, with Ian Layton, the bond opened to let in a new member. Thanks so much, guys.
__________There is an interview in this issue. I will resist the urge to rehash that material here and keep my remarks brief (for once). But there is one thing that must be said in ANY introduction to the COTPL series or associated materials: There is a lot of me in Chronicles. Exactly where and when it appears, well, a good magician never reveals all his secrets. Does that mean Chronicles is my autobiography? Not by a long shot. Does it mean I lived through the joys and woes of its characters? Absolutely.
__________I have other works in progress and yet others in the planning stage. But Chronicles will always occupy a special place in my heart.

-- John Burkitt
August 26, 1997

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