An Interview with Duma

by Logozo

This interview has been recorded on the Lion King Muck, the 12th of November. It was around... errr, it was late.

Logozo smiles, pushes one red button on the tape recorder and says "Today, I'll present you one figure of the TLK scene. He's not as popular as the Tiemans, Brauns and Knights of the TLK scene, but he's a guy that gains to be known. I met him one year ago, when he was a guest character on the Lion King Muck. He's a very funny, outspoken guy, and a very good friend, both In Character and Out Of Character.

Logozo points his microphone to the cheetah "Now, could you tell us, who are you Duma...

Duma blinks. "Who I am? As in *really* who I am?"

Logozo chuckles and nods...

Duma purrs softly, "My name is Stuart McNabb, I'm 25 and I live in Melbourne, Australia..."

Logozo says "Yeah... where's Australia?" After a pause, he adds "Joking".

Duma blinks. "No funny." ;)

Logozo asks "How you came to know the Lion King?"

Duma grins. "It's a long story, so I guess you want to hear it, huh? :)"

Logozo laughs and nods "It's an interview Duma :)

Duma oooohhs and grins.

Duma purrs softly, "I've always loved animals, having quite a few pets myself over time. I have also been a member of FOTZ ( Friends of the Zoos ) for quite a few years... When I saw the preview of TLK at the theatre..I thought heck what a good film..."

Duma purrs softly, "I've always loved African Music, so during one of my CD buying sprees I grabbed the TLK soundtrack... I loved it..from then onwards.."

Duma purrs softly, "Also, I was going through abit of a bad patch at that stage... I guess the film just hit a note for me and I loved it so much.."

Logozo says, "In what way? I mean, it hit a note, how?

Duma thinks.

Logozo sniffs "Hmmmm isn't something _burning_?"

Duma frowns and taps the microphone with his paw...


Logozo protests "Ow ow ow... okay okay..."

Duma purrs softly, "I can't really say, it just did, something about the film spoke to me, I was going through a major depression at that stage, due to personal problems, I don't know. maybe I used it as a way to filter my emotions at that time. I have thought about this question alot..."

Logozo nods "And when you saw the actual movie instead of the preview, how did you react?

Duma purrs softly, "With joy, laughter and sorrow. I guess thats a standard answer to that question, let me think... I remember sitting in the darken theatre and waiting for the beginning. The screen when black and the sounds of Africa flooded around me... The movie began...and beleive it or not, by the end of the CoL I was in tears..

Logozo nods slowly "...That's the most powerful intro I've ever seen too... but continue please..."

Duma purrs softly, "This was the same for the other times I see it..even now a lump appears in my throat... I remember feeling so much better after the seeing the film for the first time..I was the last to leave the theatre... I really can't answer much more than's something I find very hard to get into words...

Duma purrs softly, "I remember when I first saw the death scene..I weeped, and for me, that is hard to do. Us, Aussies [read australians] are grown strong, and a major fault is not being able to show our feelings. A SNAG down here is usually called a Gay... or Fag.."

Logozo nods "I guess that lots of guys suffer from the same complex... but that brings me to a very interesting question... as an australian, do you think it changed in some way you saw the movie? (you already told us the feeling thing)

Duma thinks. "I've never thought about this.. I don't think I can answer that, sorry. :("

Logozo smiles "Okay, really not a problem

Duma smiles "This would be so much easy face to face with a drink :)"

Logozo grins "Ah yeah, the face to face and the drink.. but I think it would degenerate fast. Mostly because of the drink. Hmmmm, we'll cut that too.

Logozo asks "So you told us that you are a system admin... What do you do exactly? Enlighten those of us who are in fine arts and such futilities"

Duma grins. "Sure." After a short pose, he says "I'm an Admin of some 35 Unix boxes, God knows how many NT boxes and 3 MPE systems, as well as WAN and LAN hardware and software... My job entails me making sure all systems are running effectivly and well, I fix problems as well as design and install new LANs, WANs and servers. I also Administer the ISP [internet service provider] side of the business... Our main clients are the Rural Water Corporations of Victoria Australia."

Logozo says "I know that your cubicle at work is somewhat of a TLK shrine...

Duma laughs. "No it isn't that bad, well, not as bad as the bedroom at home. I have a few figures - one of Scar and Simba - a few posters, done on a color laserjet that we demoed and of course the screen saver on my PC. :)

Logozo chuckles "How do your co-workers reacted?"

Duma purrs softly, "Most just leave me alone, others are just confused, but as my boss says, as long as my work is not affected, he doesn't care what I do ;). Most are rather interested in alot of my collectibles.."

Logozo chuckles "Had any real weird reactions yet?

Duma purrs softly, "No not really, more the "My god, are you crazy?" comments.. Must just be my outgoing personality.. ;)"

Logozo says "So you're a rabid collector right? (show the room pic)"

Duma purrs softly, "I guess you can call me that... I've collected a few things in the last few years... Though my parents don't like my obsession one bit... 'Waste of money' is usually the response to anything I buy. I just shrug and don't care.."

Logozo says "So you are living at your parents' house?

Duma purrs softly, "Still at home..soon to move out, once I find a house big enough to case my whole collection in :)"

Logozo smiles "Something I think is important for our readers to know, is that your are the 'spiritual father' of this magazine... when did you start to think about the magazine?"

Duma purrs softly, "Err thats a hard one, I believe I met someone on the muck, can't remember her name and we got talking, and the idea kinda rose out of that, I first put the idea up on the mucks OOCC bulletin board but had no response, later I tryed the mailling list and that seemed to get the ball rolling... I had a certain idea for the mag but not the talent to get it all done, so I was lucky that Thumper took over control after the initial start...

Duma purrs softly, "Why not, we have a TLK mag over here which is aimed at children, I thought maybe we could aim at a more older group of people with information that interests me and TLK community as a whole.."

Logozo says, "Really? A real, paper printed Mag?"

Duma purrs softly, "Yeah, I forget what number they are up to, I have till number 18 or so, but it is basically a kids adventure mag, produced by Disney. There are some comics in it..but also fun facts about the home of TLK, a kids corner thing, etc etc. It's not bad, for a kid I guess, I just thought that it was abit hollow and empty, it never did really get into the spirit of what I think the Lion King is about.."

Duma purrs softly, "I thought that if we could do this online and then add some other more adult interesting themes that we could bring TLK to a larger audience."

Logozo smiles and looks at the online version "I'm quite sure it does works out... Now. let's talk about your TLK 'hobby', your collection. In your case, it's something we really can't get over with... What do you have?"

Duma laughs. "God where do I start!!" He thinks a bit, then says "I guess it all started when I walked past a Animation Gallery called 'Silver K fine Arts'. I walked in and saw the sericel of the cast of characters and I just HAD to get it, no matter what. So I bought it then and there and I haven't looked back since :). Before purchasing this cell, all I had was the CD..."

Logozo says, "What is the weirdest piece of TLK you bought?"

Duma purrs softly, "Well, I don't buy everything I see, but in my personal collection I would have to say the TLK bucket, but in the full collection, Tzup wins with TLK purfume and aftershave.."

Duma purrs softly, "I sort of aimed more for collectables than plain junk ;)"

Logozo LAUGHS "Bucket? What is it?

Duma purrs softly, "Small bucket with TLK characters on it, it really is a useless bucket, to small to put anything in it and too weak to use ;)"

Logozo chuckles "And... that perfume, we heard a bit about it on the mailing list.. what does it smell?

Duma laughs. "Smells terrible..the Aftershave smells like old's that bad ;)"

Logozo nods "Wow... Yuck.. it's a shame that TLK rhymes with bad taste when it comes to merchandizing products. Aftershave... to go with the shaving kit? :)"

Duma laughs. "We don't have a shaving kit, [yet] but it would be funny to have one ;)"

Logozo says, "What the aftershave bottle and the bottle of perfume look like?"

Duma purrs softly, "It's a small oval shape with TLK header on the front and the setting sun in plastic on the top..the Perfume comes in a great box, shows the setting sun from the beginning film, real expensive looking, pity it was cheap and came from HongKong ;)"

Duma doesn't own these, but they are part of his and Tzup's collection.

Logozo says, "You really consider your collection ad Tzup's one as one? only that you own parts of it and Tzup others parts? :)"

Duma purrs softly, "Sure, we met on the Web about 2 years ago, in fact he mailed me after reading my entry in Brians vistor page, and thats just after it had been running 1 day too.."

Duma purrs softly, "He wanted to sell me a copy of the TLK official I went over to his place and we have been good friends since then... The collection is large and we both fill in the gaps. I think [my] collection hit over $25000 worth, 35000$ when combined with Tzup's collection."

Logozo chuckles and wows! "25000$... (Aussie dollars, same face value as Canadian dollar).

Duma purrs softly, "The collection has grown so large that it has to be listed on the Home insurance."

Logozo says, "So I think (picks Duma's paw and raises it in the air) we can proclaim you the best collector ;)"

Duma blushes and smiles. "Well one of the largest. To prove the point my home page will soon contain both my collection and Tzup collections, the web page will be updated by the end of this month. :)"

Logozo asks "So, may I ask what pushes you to buy so much stuf?"

Duma shrugs. "Gezz if I knew that I would have bought so much stuff... I don't know really, I mean I bought alot of collectables that in the future will be worth something, not that I bought them for their value, but, as for the cheap cheezy stuff... I don't know, I guess it became a hobby after a while. A hobby that never quite stopped."

Logozo laughs "What are the pieces you're the most proud of?

Duma purrs softly, "My Pals Maraquette I love and treasure's wonderful..."

Logozo blinks "Pals Maraquette ?"

Duma purrs softly, "Sorry, porcelain statue."

Logozo nods "Ahhhhhh, okay. Yeah. I see :)

Duma purrs softly, "Disney produced a limited edition Maraquette of 'Pals Forever', it shows Simba on Mufasa's back during the Look at the Stars scene." The Maraquette was done one per person, on order from Disney."

Duma purrs softly, "I love my Limited Edition Cells too, everyone who sees them falls in love with them, not the price of course, but the look of the cell."

Logozo says, "Really? what's so particular?"

Duma thinks "I guess they love the look of the cell, it is framed wonderfully and really shows it off. I have seen kids look at my cells eyes wide and mouths open, it really makes me proud when that happens :)

Duma then adds "But most of all I love my original drawing of Zazu... It's an original 'blue draft' made during the production of the movie by an in-betweener. I'm really proud of it!"

Logozo thinks "And do you have the full Audio/Video rig to enjoy the TLK on laser disc?"

Duma purrs softly, "Of course, I've been a big fan of the home theatre and sound reproduction for quite awhile, so when it came to getting a decent home theatre set up, I spared no expensive and I have recently upgraded as well.."

Logozo smiles "Can you tell us a bit what do you have?"

Duma purrs softly, "Oh well, a Yamaha AV amp, Pioneer LD player, Sub woofer, Jamo 707 main speakers, Dali centre speakers and Jamo rear sourround speakers..69 Cm stereo TV.. I also have 2 CD players and Tape deck and other audio stuff..not bad for a bedroom, my parents hate the monster cable hanging around on the floor ;)"

Logozo smiles "They hate the cable? Why? Because it sucks too much power? :)

Duma smiles "No because it's rather large and looks untidy on the floor ;)"

Logozo laughs!

Logozo smiles and whistles at the setup "Wow... just what every HiFi enthusiast would dream of :)...

Duma purrs softly, "Err no..I want Bodlby AC-3 but that is next ;)"

Logozo chuckles "Hmmm AC-3 :) (Note: AC3 is the the next generation of 'Surround sound' technology, design to success the Dolby ProLogic one. Opposed to ProLogic, AC-3 is fully digital on all 5 channels, ensuring a perfect rendition of the sound, everywhere. Techno-babble mode off.)

Logozo flips some pages in his note book "And for your last (but not least) interest.. shall we talk bout your car?"

Duma grins. "My baby!" ;)

Logozo laughs

Logozo says, "Okay. tell us about it..."

Duma purrs softly, "Well I own and heavily use a Toyota 4 runner 4x4.., I'm a member of the Victoria 4x4 Suzuki Club, not because I have ever owned a Suzuki rather they are great bunch of guys and gals. Oh BTW the car has been dubbed Scar due to it's bent bullbar ;)"

Logozo smirks and nods "When did you start to do 4x4 trailing?

Duma purrs softly, "I started quite a few years ago when a friend of mine owned a rather old Land Rover. I have been quite addicted to 4x4ing since... A rather expensive sport if you ask me ;)"

Logozo says "Why do you like 4x4?

Duma purrs softly, "The skill and the fun of it, I love the feeling when you drive the car to it's limits and rush is great, it's worth living for.."

Logozo smiles "I guess that like any real addict, you're somewhat twitching your car?

Duma purrs softly, "I guess I should say my 4 runner isn't quite standard ;), heavily worked engine, thanks to AVO , Diff locks, mud tires etc etc..

Logozo raises an eyebrow "AVO?"

Duma purrs softly, "AVO - Advanced Vehicle Operations Australia. They make racecars and stuff, there Nissan GTR is to die for ;)"

Logozo says, "What do you owe to them?"

Duma purrs softly, "Lots..about 40% more power and a bloody great sounding exhaust.."

Logozo chuckles 'And they sponsor you?

Duma laughs. "Naaa I sponsor them, they are not cheap, but you get what you paid for :)"

Logozo nods "You also make competition if I recall right?

Duma nods. "Yeah, slowly getting better..I have alot to learn, I've only be competing for 2 years or so.."

Logozo says, "And what is the spirit in competition?"

Duma purrs softly, "The competitions are mostly time trials, i.e get from point A to B in the shortest time, other events are team events where you get teamed up with someone you don't know and you have to work as a team, good fun, always the events are good spirited and always great! :) Depending on the event, you usually have a co-pilot, he or she tends to be the one the gets muddy pulling the winch cable on or the snatch strap ;)"

Logozo smiles and exaplins "The snatch strap is a big rubber band that is used when a car is stuck in a mud pubble, for example. Usually, it's attached to another car, and when it's pulled, the great tension that accumulate in the rubber band pulls out the stuck car. Needless to say, all that kind of operation is rahter... hmmm, messy. But it's part of the fun."

Duma purrs softly, "Quick plug, the Suzuki Club of Victoria runs a 4x4 challenge called the Rhino Trophy, the next running will be November 1997 ;)"

Logozo smiles "What is the greatest trip you've ever made in 4x4?"

Duma purrs softly, "Ah that's an easy one.."

Duma purrs softly, "I've driven the Gunbarrel Hwy in Australia. This trip is one of the hardest trips that you can do. Basically you go from Perth in Western Australia and end up at Ayres Rock in Northern Territory..long dusty trip..but I loved every minute of it, even when my battery bounced across the engine bay ;)"

Logozo winces "OUCH!

Logozo smiles "What part of the trip was toughest?"

Duma purrs softly, "Getting over the corrigations in the roads..they rattle the car to pieces. The bull dust ( very fine dust, like powder ) was fun too as you can see it until you hit it and then it is like hitting water, the car can often lose control over this patches of dust.."

Logozo says "I think you travelled also in Kenya right?

Duma nods. "Yeah, for a whole 2 weeks :) and was sick most of it, but I'll be going back I can promise you that :)"

Logozo smiles 'What did you like the most in Kenya? Hey, it's the TLK Country, along with Tanzania.

Duma smiles and recalls his trip "I loved the evenings as the sun set, we would go on safari and watch the sun set, but we had to get back to camp before dark...just the sounds of the evening were out of this world, Everyone should experience these just once and they will know what I mean.."

Logozo smiles "Wow... that HAS to be something!"

Logozo pulls a little silver watch out of his shell, the thing is attached with a fine chain. "Uh-oh, gotta go, 4am here... Now, I'm sure we'll all go and take a look at your page, to admire your collection... ."

Logozo nows his head "I would like to thank you very much for that interview Duma..."

Duma smiles "You're welcome!"

{Shango, the meerkat, stops the tape "All righty, it's in the box!}

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