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November schedule of some nature programs that might be of interest to TLK fans. Please check local listings if you have cable. All programs are on The Discovery Channel unless otherwise mentioned. Some shows might be reruns.
Nov 3:Take a guess? ;) The Lion King airs on ABC at 6 p.m. CDT
Nov 4:Wild Discovery (WD)-Dining Alone. Features cheetahs.
Nov 5:WD-Flight to the Death. Features African vultures
Discovery Sunday-Animal Cannibals. Possibly will feature lions.
Nov 6:WD-The Queen of the Killers. Features lionesses.
Nov 7:WD-Rivers of Life, Rivers of Death. Possibly will feature African crocs.
Time Traveler: Africa-A History Denied. Features Africa's ancient kingdoms.
Nov 10:WD-Nature's Giants. Features African rhinos.
Nov 12:Big Cat Diary-Days of Struggle. Features cheetahs, lions, leopards.
Nov 13:Big Cat Diary-The Strongest Survive. Features cheetahs, lions, leopards.
Nov 14:WD-In the Heart of Africa. Features African elephants.
Nov 17:Big Cat Diary-The Hunt Begins
Big Cat Diary-Days of Struggle.
Big Cat Diary-The Strongest Survive.
Nov 19:Assignment Discovery: Features African rainforests, Tanzania.
WD-A Season in the Sun. Features Africa's dry season.
Nov 20:Assignment Discovery, Episode 123. Features Jane Goodall and Hugo van Lawick studying chimps in Rwanda
Nov 21:Assignment Discovery, Episode 124. The Making of The Leopard Son
Nov 22:Wild Disovery (WD): Nature's Fury, Kalahari, Botswana. Features honey badgers, lions, and hyenas.
by Nabuk

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