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Schedule of some nature programs that might be of interest to TLK fans during the latter half of Jan and early Feb. Please check local listings if you have cable. All programs are on The Discovery Channel unless otherwise mentioned. Some shows might be reruns.
Jan 24: Wild Discovery (WD)-Football Mascots. "Swift and Silent". Features tracking jaguars, cheetahs and leopards while mating and hunting.
Jan 25: WD-Football Mascots. "Crater Lions of Ngorongoro", Tanzania.
Jan 30: WD-Growing Up Wild. "The Wonder of Baby Animals". Features cheetah cubs.
Jan 31: WD-Growing Up Wild. "The Leopard That Changed Its Spots" A man with an uncanny feel for cats returns a leopard to the Indian jungle. She takes to the wild, but when the monsoon breaks she returns to her keeper's kitchen--with kittens.
Feb 16: National Geographic Explorer. Airing on Sunday, February 16, at 7:00 p.m. ET on TBS SuperStation. *This show has fabulous leopard footage* :)

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