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You thought KIB was the start.

You thought KIB was the beginning.

You thought wrong. :P

KIB2: The End of Worries

{Scene opens on an open grassy hill with Timon and Pumbaa lying on their backs.}

Timon: You know what Pumbaa?

Pumbaa: What?

Timon: We're lonely.

Pumbaa: But Timon...we have each other! And Hakuna Matata!

Timon: Yeah, but there is a big world out there! There's gotta be more!

Pumbaa: What are you saying Timon?

Timon: {sitting up} We need to meet other animals in this wide world.

Pumbaa: But Timon! What about Hakuna Matata?

Timon: Well we'll still heed by that, Pumbaa, of course!! But I think we should meet others. Perhaps even convert them to Hakuna Matata!

Pumbaa: Great! Where do we start?

Timon: Follow me, Pumbaa...

{Scene cuts to an airport. We see Timon and Pumbaa running over to the counter where there is currently a passanger checking in.}

Attendant: So that is it? One bag to go with you to Washington D.C.?

Passanger: That's right.

Attenedant: Okie.

{While the humans aren't looking, Timon and Pumbaa slip into the bag.}

Attendant: Let me just weigh this bag. {pushes a button} Whoa! This is a heavy bag!

Passanger: {confused} It is?

Attendant: Yes. But don't worry, since this is your only bag, it is still within the limit. Have a nice flight. {hands over tickets with a smile}

Passanger: Thank you. {smiles and walks away}

{We see the bag go off on the belt. Cut to a scene of the plane taking off...flying...and then landing at Washington D.C. Then, the passanger picks up the bag at the baggage claim, and picks up a taxi, and goes to his hotel. He puts the bag on the bed and goes into the bathroom.}

{Muffled voices.} Pumbaa: Have we stopped?

Timon: I think so. Come on, lets go!

{Bag jumps a bit on the bed, and then Timon pops out.}

Timon: OY! Come on Pumbaa...

{Timon puts his paws in the bag, and starts pulling. Slowly Pumbaa comes out, and then *POP* he comes out and flattens Timon.}

Pumbaa: Gee, Timon. It's easy to get in, but really hard to get out. {pause} Timon?

{Pumbaa stands up. Timon is sqaushed up against Pumbaa.}

Timon: {muffled} Next time we're going *first* class!

{He pulls himself off Pumbaa, and then dusts himself off.}

Timon: Come on, lets go...and I mean it this time!

{They walk over to the door. Timon climbs on top of Pumbaa, turns the knob, and walk out once the door is open. At this point, the man walks out the bathroom, and shuts the door, and walks over to his case. He opens it up, and notices his clothes all messed up and a couple fragile things broken. The passanger turns to the camera with an angry look.}

Man: That's the last time *I* fly ValuJet!

{Author grins. ;)}

{Cut to outside shot of the White House. Timon and Pumbaa are outside looking at the massive building.}

Pumbaa: Who lives there Timon?

Timon: Hmm. I dunno. A really rich and stuck-up guy who doesn't know about Hakuna Matata, most likely.

Pumbaa: You think so?

Timon: Pumbaa! Who else would live in a place like that?

Pumbaa: The leader of the country who has been re-elected once and has broken his leg once and speaks with a slightly southern accent?

Timon: {staring at Pumbaa} Don't be silly, Pumbaa! Come on, lets see who *does* live here!

{The two walk onto the grounds. They take two steps and an alarm starts to go off.}

Pumbaa: AHHH! What's that Timon?!

Timon: Now look what you've done Pumbaa! Obviously they have some sort of smell detectors around here.

{A security officer runs up to the twosome.}

Officer: Please leave the building's premises now.

Timon: Look we're sorry, officer, but my friend here, Pumbaa, didn't mean to stink up this wonderful property.

Officer: Please, sirs, leave the property.

Timon: Shouldn't you be wearing a gas mask or something?

Officer: The cold war is over sir.

Timon: War?! Where?!

{The officer stares at Timon}

Timon: Officer?...

{The officer faints. As he falls to the ground, a button is pushed on a remote control attatched to his belt. The alarm goes off.}

Timon: {looking to the officer, and then Pumbaa} They really need gas masks if they are going to get rid of smelly visitors!

{They carry on walking over to the building, and walk in.}

Pumbaa: Where do we go now, Timon?

Timon: We need to find the owner!

{A guy looking at some papers walks by.}

Timon: Excuse me sir...

{The guy stops and looks at the two animals in front of him.}

President: Yes?

Timon: Where is the owner of this place?

President: {grinning} I guess that is me.

Timon: Ah! {looking to Pumbaa} See? Who's the brains of this outfit, hm? {looks back to the President} What are you about to do?

President: I'm about to have a meeting over how we can settle the US budget and then how we can continue to cover the fact that aliens really exist. Both a lot of work. {thinks} Why?

Timon: I see, well, it's only because we have something to share with you.

President: What's that?

Timon: {in a singing voice} Hakuna Matata...

President: Oh, now don't start doing a song and dance routine! I don't have time.

Pumbaa: Well let us just say that that one phrase will solve all your problems!

President: {disbelievingly} Really?

Timon: Yeah! Take the budget problem...Hakuna Matata! No worries! So what if it is over 5 million dollars?! The US can wait for it to be paid off!

Pumbaa: Yeah! And the aliens? No one's suspicous...Hakuna Matata! Don't worry about it!

President: {staring at the animals} You know what? You're right! Hakuna Matata! Wait here, guys, I'll be right back!

{The President runs into an office, and after a few seconds pops his head out.}

President: Ok, guys, you can come in now.

{Timon and Pumbaa walk into the room. Sitting around a large table are men and women in suits, with mouths hanging open.}

President: And so, ladies and gentlemen, I believe that the whole of the United States should abide by the rule of "Hakuna Matata".

CabinetMember1: But, sir, not everyone is going to want to abide by this rule.

President: Hmm. You have a point there. What is it that the people in that MIB agency use? That wipe people's memories? How about making one that has people always follow "Hakuna Matata"?

Timon: {whispering to Pumbaa} Now's our chance! {to the President} Or how about one that makes everyone like *me*! Then they'll *really* be care-free!

President: Hey! Good idea...uh...

Timon: Timon.

President: Timon! Right!

CM1: Wait a minute, sir, you don't even know his name? And you're listening to everything he says?

President: Yes! And don't question what I do!

CM1: But sir, what you're proposing is illegal!

President: So is the MIB agency!

CM1: Yes, but that is different.

President: How so?

{CM1 looks nervously, trying to find an answer.}

President: Exactly. Now lets get to work! We need a name for this agency. Hm. TIB? Timons in Black?

Timon: Good taste, sir, but I don't think so.

President: What do you think then, Timon?

Timon: {thinks} KIB?

President: KIB?

Timon: KATS in black!

President: Hey! Now there is a catchy name! So that is it! KIB! Timon, I want you to find other "kats", in that case, to join you in your quest at making the whole US Timonaholics, and abide by "Hakuna Matata".

Timon: YES SIR!

President: And you're in charge of this new agency, by the way.

Timon: Really?

President: Yes! Now go ahead, you two, form the KIB!

{The two walk out the room.}

{Cut back to a jungle scene. Timon walks over to a meerkat burrow and shouts inside.}

Timon: Helooooo?!

{Msondo pops his head out.}

Msondo: Timon! I thought I recognized the voice! Great to see ya'! What can I do for ya'?

Timon: Hiya, Mson! Is Kimya there?

Msondo: Uh, yeah, why?

Timon: Get her up here, huh?

Msondo: Okie...

{Msondo dissapears for a few seconds and then reappears with Kimya}

Kimya: Hi Timon! What can we do for you?

Timon: I have been traveling around and found the United States president who wants his entire coutry to be Hakuna Matata-following Timon fans! He has set up a seperate agency, called the "Kats in Black", and he wants some extra "agents". How would you two like to help me?

{Msondo and Kimya look at each other. Then to Timon.}

Together: YES!

Timon: You would?! GREAT! Now we just need someone for the main computer.

Msondo: {thinks} I think I know someone!

Timon: Then I think we've got ourselves a government agency!

{Cut to a black screen. Suddenly, a white light starts to shine through the middle as a door seems to open from the middle. In walk three black meerkat figures. The light in the back fades, and comes up in the front. We see kats dressed in black.}

All: We are the Kats in Black!

{Camera cuts to a close up shot of the first kat in the line. The camera sweeps to the right as each say their line:}

Msondo: Adding Timonaholics... {puts sunglasses on}

Kimya: To the scum... {puts sunglasses on}

Timon: Of the universe! {puts sunglasses on}

{Quickly cut to black.} {Silently in Red, "The Beginning of Kats in Black" is shown on the black screen. It fades away.}

"But is that the whole story? I don't think so..."

Chapter 3

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