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You can thank TxTimon for the inspiration behind this one. ;)

KIB3: The Next Chapter

Part of first scene by Frank T. Alcorta (will be changed to TxTimon on the List) Rest by the one, the only, Andrew M. Perrin ;)

{After the KIB successfully defeated the Muffy scum and had Anneke mostly a Timonaholic, they gathered the evidence for record keeping. The scene opens with Msondo, Kimya, and Ann in an office with Mufasa collectables on a table.}

Kimya: Yeah!! Nobody beats the KIB!

Msondo: Yup! Another case solved.

Ann: Hey guys, how about some drinks? I'll run down to the store and get ya some soda's, it's the least I can do for you for saving me and all..

Kimya: {smiling} Cool, thanks Ann.

Ann: Be right back.. {leaving}

Msondo: Wow, look at all this Mufasa junk. {picking up a plushie}

Kimya: Yup, its a good thing we have it now, or more people would become corrupted.

Msondo: {nodding} We'd have to be sent out again...

Kimya: {nodnods} Always to the rescue!

Msondo: {stops and thinks for a second, then grins mischeviously and starts to stare at the plushie} I mean, all this stuff can drive a kat to just go crazy of Mufasa... craaazy... {his mouth hanging open} muuufaaaasaaa

Kimya: {blinks and taps Msondo} Hey! Not you!?

Msondo: {seeming in a trance over the plushie} muuuffffyyy

Kimya: {screaming} I've gotta do something! {looking around, then grabbing Msondo} Look into my eyes.

Msondo: {looks into Kim's eyes grinning and gazing} oooh.. {drooling}

Kimya: {like Timon} Hey! Wait a minute.. {then fwaps Msondo} Stop drooling on me! You mean kat! Your not turning into a Muffy-holic! LIAR LIAR!!

Msondo: {giggling and stepping back} Eh.. {suddenly he dashes away past Ann}

Kimya: {running after} Get back here!! I'm gonna get you!! {passing Ann}

Ann: {turning her head to the kats} Oy! And to think the security of the world is in the paws of those two mooks!

{Ann places sodas on a table and starts to head towards the door to try and catch up with Kim and Mson to settle yet another of their "disagreements". Suddenly, a big red light lights up the room. Ann stops and turns around. Scene cuts from the inside to the outside of the house. We hear Ann scream.}

{Cut to black.} KIB3: The Next Chapter {pause, and then fade}

{Open in on the inside of the house. Camera pans around at the mess: books on the floor, papers all over the place. But the sodas are still sitting where they were left by Ann. Kimya and Msondo walk in.}

Kimya: Why do you tease me so much, Mson?

Msondo: {grinning} Because you're fun to tease!

Kimya: {looking around} Hey, what happened here?!

Msondo: {looking around, also} I don't know...and where's Ann?

{They suddenly look at each other with wide eyes}

Both: AGAIN?!

Msondo: No, that can't be! We got rid of the Muffy scum in part one! {grins}

Mageuzi: {walking onto set} Cut, cut! MSON! This is *supposed* to be a real story! No mention of the other two "parts"!

Msondo: {still grinning} Okie, man, just having some fun.

{Mageuzi walks off with a sigh}

Mageuzi: {voice only} ACTION!

Msondo: No, that can't be! We just got rid of the Muffy scum...!

Kimya: Well maybe it's something else. That isn't the only scum.

Msondo: True. {sees the sodas} Hey, look! Ann left the soda here! {walks over to the soda} We'll go look for Ann as soon as I have a drink.

Kimya: Oh no you don't! We've got a job to do!

Msondo: Aw, come on! Just one sip... {reaches out for a can}

Kimya: No! {grabs Msondo's arm and pulls him to the door}

Msondo: Kiiiiiim!

{Cut to a car with Kimya pushing Msondo into the car, and then getting in herself, to drive. They pull out, and drive to the KIB headquarters. Kimya and Msondo walk into the main area, where, once again, there is a big table in the center of a room with computer terminals all along the sides. It is fairly quiet, with only a few Kats at computers, and Timon walking towards the way out.}

{Kimya walks over to Timon, and Msondo creeps over to Mageuzi, at a computer terminal.}

Msondo: {whispering} Hey Uzi!

Mageuzi: Mson!

Msondo: {w} Shh! Not so loud!

Mageuzi: {w} Why?

Msondo: {w} Do you have a soda?

Mageuzi: {w} A soda? Yeah, here... {hands Msondo a soda can, already open and ready to drink}

Msondo: Hey, thanks! Cheers! {grins}

{The two clink their cans together and take a sip. Kimya comes over and takes the cans.}

Msondo: Aw, Kim!

Mageuzi: Kim, I need that!

Kimya: Not now, guys, we've got work to do.

Mageuzi: "We've"? Don't you mean you have? I just sit here.

Kimya: Not this time, Uzi. Timon can't get over that he was once a Muffyholic, and needs a rest. So it looks like you're joining us.

Mageuzi: Me?! Part of the KIB investigation team?! Wow!

Kimya: Yeah, well, you won't be doing much. You'll have to bring a laptop or something since we're short on staff right now, but you may need to help with some field work. Do you think you can handle that, Uzi?

Mageuzi: Of course! I haven't had much training {looks at his soda-stained t- shirt} and I'll have to change my clothes, but it would be an honor to work in the field!

Msondo: Just don't get us killed, okie? {grins}

Kimya: Or turned into Muffyholics. {grins}

Mageuzi: {chuckles} Okie. What's the problem, anyway?

Kimya: Ann ran into some trouble.

Mageuzi: Again? But didn't you just...?

Msondo: Get rid of the Muffy scum? Yes we did, Uzi, but this must be something else.

Mageuzi: Like what?

{Kimya and Msondo look at each other, and then turn to Mageuzi with solemn faces.}

Both: Nala scum.

Mageuzi: {visibly worried} We better get going then! {gets up and starts heading towards the exit}

Kimya: {stopping Mageuzi with a paw} Hold on, comp kat...

Mageuzi: What?

Kimya: You need to change your clothes!

Mageuzi: {looking down and grinning} Oh yeah...sorry...

{Mageuzi walks away to change his clothes.}

Msondo: Do you think this is a good idea? I mean, Uzi hasn't had any field training. What if something goes wrong?

Kimya: Like what? He gets turned into a Nalaholic? Simple, we turn him back to a Timonaholic. That won't be too hard.

Msondo: Yeah, but the Nala scum is stronger. I mean, look how many Muffyholics there are compared to Nalaholics. It isn't as easy.

Kimya: True.

{Mageuzi walks back.}

Mageuzi: {in a deep voice, putting on glasses} Ready.

Kimya: {looking Mageuzi up and down} Veeeery nice, Uzi!

Msondo: {blinks} Yeah, who would have thought you coulda

Mageuzi: {frowning} Hey!

Msonodo: {grinning} Just kidding, kit. Come on let's go!

{The three walk over to the exit and get into the car. Kimya, of course, drives.}

Kimya: So where do we go?

Msondo: {turning to Mageuzi in the back seat} Uzi?

Mageuzi: Hold on...

{Gets laptop out.}

Mageuzi: Lets see...I'm getting a strong reading over in the center of town.

Kimya: {surprised} The center of Washington D.C.?!

Msondo: They've gotta be crazy!

Mageuzi: {looking up from the screen} Not if they want to get everyone in the capital. {Computer announces, "You've got mail"}

Msondo: {grinning} Whose it from?

Mageuzi: Er...oh, the List.

Msondo: Oh.

Mageuzi: Yeah...Trey. About some parody. Hey! It's on the KiB!!

Msondo: Really?

Mageuzi: {slightly confused} And the X-Files. And Quantum Leap.

Msondo: {shaking his head} Where do these people get their ideas?!

Mageuzi: Dunno, but I'll read it later...

Kimya: Tell us what you think!

Mageuzi: Okie.

Kimya: So we're heading to the center of the city, right?

Mageuzi: Right!

{After a brief pause of driving, they arrive at the center of Washington. Cars are randomly parked on the street and humans are out of their cars looking up. They're looking at a massive round object that is hovering over the city. The KiB join the "parking lot", get out, and join the humans with looking at this object.}

Mageuzi: {in awe} What is it?

Msondo: I don't's like nothing I've ever seen before...

Kimya: Uzi...can you do a vertical scan so we can see what is above the round part?

Mageuzi: Sure, hold on... {walks back into the car}

{Suddenly, the ship lowers a small attenae-type-rod out of the bottom.}

Msondo: {eyes widening} Uh-oh...that's not a good sign...

Kimya: Yeah, put on your shield glasses.

{They put on a special pair of glasses that shield any hypnotic rays.}

Msondo: Okie, now what do you think's gonna happen?

Kimya: I don't...hey, wait! UZI!!

Msondo: AHH! You're right! {turning to the car} UZI!! UZIIIII!!

{Msondo and Kimya start running towards the car. Mageuzi can be seen through the car's windshield. Eventually, he looks up to see the two kats running at him. But then....FLASH!!}

Msondo: {stopping in his tracks} Shoot! Too late!

{They run the rest of the way over to the car.}

Kimya: {grabbing Mageuzi} Uzi! Uzi! Can you hear me?!

{Mageuzi just sits staring into space.}

Msondo: Hey, look at this...

{Msondo points to a computer screen with a vertical scan of the ship. There is a big statue of Nala on top of the ship.}

Both: {looking at each other} Oh no.

Kimya: Quick! We need to get back to headquarters!

Msondo: What about all these people?!

Kimya: Hope that they stay here? Come on, let's go!

Mageuzi: Naaaaalaaaaa....

Msondo: No...Tiiiimooooon.....

Kimya: It's no use Mson, come on.

{The kats get into the car, and as they pull away they can hear the crowd slowly and mono-tonly, chant "Naaaalaaaa".}

{Scene cuts to the Kats running into the main room, carrying Mageuzi between them...}

Mageuzi: Naaaalaaaaa....

{...yes, exactly. They take him to the recovery room, and then return to the center table where they go to sit down and talk about the situation.}

Msondo: You think he'll be ok?

Kimya: Maybe. But we have to worry about the millions of other people out there who just got zapped. This scum is tough to beat. What do we do?

Msondo: Hmm. How about a mass hypnotic session? But, not just a flash of light...a real hypnotic experience. {grins}

Kimya: What are you planning, Mson?

Msondo: {grinning at Kimya, but shouting so the whole room can hear} Someone get me Timon on the phone, NOW!!

Kimya: What are you doing Mson?

{Someone hands Msondo a phone.}

Msondo: Timon, sir?

Timon: What do you want, M?

Msondo: We need YOU!

Timon: Me?! Why?!

Msondo: The whole of Washington D.C. just got zapped by the Nala scum, and...

Timon: The NALA SCUM?! Oh, no, not them!

Msondo: Yes, them. We didn't know at first, but now we're sure. I want you to come here, because I think you'd be invaluable to the re-hypnotization process.

Timon: But that'll be tough! They're strong scum!

Msondo: Yes, but if we act fast, we might catch it in time!

Timon: {sighs} Okie, I'll be right over.

{Msondo hangs up, and puts the phone on the table.}

Kimya: NOW will you tell me what you're doing, Mson?

Msondo: The people of DC only *just* got hypnotized, right? {Kimya nods} So the idea of being a Timonaholic is still kinda fresh in their minds. We just have to...shake it out of 'em!

{The head of the recovery department walks out with a sad face.}

Kimya: What? What is it?

Msondo: {turning around to face the doctor} Yeah, why the long face?

Doctor: We can't re-Timonaholicize Uzi. He's a Nalaholic.

Kimya: {whispering with disbelief} What?

Msondo: {turning to Kimya} I don't believe it...

Kimya: So what were you saying about it being fresh in people's minds, Mson?

Msondo: Oy...

{Timon walks in.}

Timon: Hi guys, what's wrong?

Msondo: We just heard that Uzi can't be turned back into a TH.

Timon: What?! That's the stupidest thing I ever heard!

Kimya: No, really, you know how strong the Nala scum is...

Timon: Well what do we do now? If we can't even turn back one of the most hard- core Timonaholics in the can we expect to change the normal population?

Msondo: Luck.

Kimya: {turning to the Doctor} Can we see Uzi?

Doctor: Yeah, but he's only mumbling "Naaaalaaaa".

{They nod, and walk into the recovery room. Mageuzi is lying on a bed on the other side of the room. They walk over to him.}

Mageuzi: {with a look of anguish} Naaalaaa...

Msondo: You can tell he's doing this against his own will, though.

{Kimya nods.}

{Mageuzi starts to make writing motions with his arms.}

Msondo: I think he wants to write us something...quick, get me some paper and a pen!

{Timon hands him a pad and a pen. Mageuzi puts the pen on the paper and writes:
onto it.}

Msondo: Nalasnalarnalacnalanala? What's THAT supposed to mean?

Kimya: Well, it seems Nala is on his brain, which isn't surprising...try getting rid of the Nalas.

Msondo: S-R-C-A.

Kimya: Hmm. That doesn't help, either.

Msondo: {eyes widening} I KNOW!!

Kimya: What?!

Msondo: {patting Mageuzi on the shoulder} Uzi, you're a genius! Come on Kim, Timon, we've got a giant SCAR to show Washington!

{Kimya's eyes widen, nods, and follows Msondo, as does Timon, until...}

Timon: WAIT!!

Msondo: {turning around} What?

Timon: Don't you think we should test this first? {Points to Mageuzi}

Kimya: {stopping and looking at Msondo} Hey, that's not such a bad idea! After all, if we don't test it, we could end up wasting a lot of time.

{Msondo nods and walks in and grabs a piece of cardboard and a pen. Then hands them to Kimya.}

Msondo: Draw.

Kimya: Mson, I don't draw Scar.

Msondo: Yes you do, come on. {looks to Mageuzi} Right, Uzi?

Mageuzi: Naaaalaaaa...

Msondo: I'll take that as a yes...{turning to Kimya} Come on Kim!

Kimya: Okay, I'll try...

{Kimya starts to draw, and after a few seconds, the likeness of Scar shows through on paper.}

Msondo: That's great, Kim!!

Kimya: You think so?

Msondo: YES!! Now, show it to Uzi...

{Kimya holds up the picture in front of Mageuzi.}

Mageuzi: Naaaalaaaaa....

Msondo: Come on, Uzi, concentrate!!

Mageuzi: Naaaalaaaattt....

Msondo: That's it...

Mageuzi: Tuh---tuh---tuh--tii--tiiim---TIIIMOOOONNNNN!!!!! {hops out of bed and runs over to Timon and gives him a big hug} Oh TIMON! I've missed you so much!!

Timon: Yeah, yeah, I missed you too, now can I breath please?

Mageuzi: Oh...sorry, Timon. {turning to Msondo and Kimya} You understood what I wrote?

Msondo: Yes! But why was it messed up?

Mageuzi: Well, the Nalas were there because that is all that was going through my head...

Msondo: {nodding} Yeah, we guessed that, but...

Mageuzi: {continuing} That's why it is tough to do normal hypnotization because the brain can't concentrate on a single item...Nala is constantly going through your mind. You're lucky I got that "SCAR" in there at all.

Kimya: But why Scar? That was tough to draw, why not just Timon?

Mageuzi: The Nala scum made sure Timon wouldn't affect you. But they never thought about Scar...and so if you stare at that long enough, your brain starts to comprehend the image, and the Nala thought waves get slowed down...

Kimya: ...allowing you to think...

Msondo: ...and regain control!

Mageuzi: {nodding} Exactly.

Timon: {frowning} How did you know this? I mean...if you couldn't think until AFTER the Scar picture was held up, when did this thought hit you?

Mageuzi: Remember the vertical scan I did, kats? {Msondo and Kimya nod} That statue, once I zoomed in, had a subtle clue as to their weakness. It was a very light scratch above her right eye....

Timon: And you took that to mean "scar".

Mageuzi: {nodding} Right.

Timon: But how did you know it would work?

Mageuzi: I didn't.

Msondo: {looking to Timon} Glad you stopped us, Timon!

Timon: Yeah!

Mageuzi: It seemed like the answer, but once I zoomed back out on the statue on the computer screen, the light hit, and I was in gaa-gaa land.

Timon: Well, we're glad to have you back now, Uzi, but YOU need to get behind a computer, and WE need to return Washington D.C. back to normal.

Msondo: {grinning} Or as normal as you can get with a town full of Timonaholics!

{All grin, and walk out of the room. Scene fades. A narrator walks out in front of the darkness.}

"And the three KiB agents, as always are, Fly off in a helicopter. They move over the crowds, which did remain there, And drop a huge picture of Scar In the air.

Ann, at first lost, finds her way back to her house, located a-far. And all of D.C. Returns to Timonaholics...

And so we leave this tail, Of kats and Scars, Where all are happy, And thoughts of Timon, in our head, are."

{Silence for a few moments, then Msondo runs across the screen.}

Msondo: {chanting} Nala, Nala...

Kimya: {running by} Oooo, I'll get you!!

Anneke: {walking by} Geez, they NEVER quit!

{Fade out.} The End of Part 3.

Chapter 4

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