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Msondo: {walking into hq, panting} Whew! Done!

Kimya: Yup. *Now* you can have your soda...

Msondo: Oh, thank god for that!

Mageuzi: Hey, you're back! Um..Timon needs to see you NOW.

Msondo: {dissappointed face} Now?

{Mageuzi nods}

Kimya: Why?

Mageuzi: {shrugs} Dunno. He just told me to tell you.

Msondo: Aw! Well there goes *another* drink!

{Kimya gives Msondo a hug}

Kimya: Don't worry, you'll get one soon...

{Kimya stops hugging and starts walking to Timon's office. Msondo is in a gleeful daze, drooling slightly}

Mageuzi: Er...Mson? {no response} Mson? {no response} MSONDO!!

Msondo: {snapping out of it} Huh?!

Mageuzi: {pointing to Timon's office} Timon needs to see you, remember?

Msondo: Oh, er..right...

{Mageuzi grins and watches Msondo walk into Timon's office.} {Cut to Timon's office}

Timon: {to Msondo, who is just walking in} Shut the door after you, please, Mson...

{Msondo shuts the door}

Msondo: So why did you want to see us, sir?

Timon: As you kats know, I was put here to make sure all of the US became Timonaholics, right? {they nod} Well currently, only the Washington D.C. area are Timonaholics, with a few exceptions...

Kimya: Like?

Timon: Er..the congress members...

Kimya: {knowing nod} Oh, right..

Timon: But this means that we still have a whole country ahead of us, and right now, we are really only affective when going one-on-one with someone...

{Kimya grins}

Timon: ...this makes the job seem much harder. I have brought this to the attention of the President, and he understands completely.

Kimya: And?

Timon: And, we need to expand from D.C. and bring more popele into the KIB team utnil we can develop a better method of mass-Timonaholic-ism.

Msondo: So you want someone to join our team? Who?

Timon: about Uzi?

Msondo: Uzi?! But you saw what happened to him...

Timon: Yeah, but that was without field training. We need to give him some field training first, but once...

Msondo: What about his computer post?

Timon: you know anyone?

Msondo: {grinning} I know someone who could join our team, but not work with the computer.

Timon: Who?

Msondo: Anneke!

Timon: Anneke?! But Mson...

Msondo: Yeah, I know, but what else do you suggest we do?

Timon: Oy! I don't know, we need to think about this. Meanwhile, I need you guys to start on the expansion.

Kimya: On who? Where?

Timon: A lion. Just outside of D.C.

Kimya: A lion?! Are you crazy?!

Timon: Look Kim, we'll need to convert them sooner or later, anyway, so why not test the water, now? {Kim looks scared} I know it's tough but I know you can do it!

Kimya: {sigh} Maybe. So who specifically is this lion, anyway?

Timon: Ndoto. He's a Nalaholic that we saw on the List and have been meaning to convert for awhile.

Msondo: Why?

Timon: Because he writes fanfics and parodies, and if we can convert him to a Timonaholic then he'll write about me...

Msondo: ...meaning more exposure for you and make more Timonaholics!

Timon: {nodding with a smile} Right! But don't finish my sentences, gets annoying.

Msondo: Oh. Sorry... {grins}

Kimya: So what do you want me to do then?

Timon: *We* will go to Ndoto's den and we'll keep a close watch on the situation just in case something...undesirable happens.

Kimya: {nervious look, again} Un...un...undesirable?

Timon: Don't worry, though, if you're friendly, nothing should happen.

Kimya: You realize what you're making me do, Timon?

Timon: {nodding slowly} Yes I do, Kim.

Kimya: I'll expect some sort of reward after this...

Timon: Fair enough...what?

Kimya: 4 grubs?

Timon: {nodding quickly} Okie, we can do that. {smiles} Thats all I wanted to talk to you about. We'll meet in an hour to go and complete our mission, okie?

Mson&Kim: {walking out and waving} Okie, see you then!

{They leave}

Timon: {sighing} She'll never make it...

{Cut to outside room. Msondo looks to Mageuzi, sighs, and sits at the table in the center. Kim looks to Mageuzi, then back to Msondo.}

Kimya: What's wrong, Mson? Is it the soda?

Msondo: Soda? No. Uzi.

Kimya: Uzi? Why?

Msondo: I don't know Kim. One day he told me how much I had hurt his feelings and I couldn't understand...

Kimya: Understand what?

Msondo: Understand why he's suddenly not my friend.

Kimya: {confused} Did he say that?


Kimya: Well all you have to do, then, is apologize for whatever you said, and things should be fine!

Msondo: But Kim, I...he...

Kimya: Mson... {puts a finder over his mouth. She leans over and licks Msondo's cheek} ...this is all a misunderstanding, I'm sure. There's only one way to find out the truth.

Msondo: {staring at Kimya witha smile} Right.

{Msondo gets up and starts to walk over to Mageuzi.}

Kimya: {to herself} Works every time. {grins} Good job I enjoy it.

{Cut to Msondo approaching Mageuzi. He hesitates.}

Msondo: Uzi?

Mageuzi: {turning slowly in his chair} Hi Mson.

Msondo: I...I just want to say sorry.

Mageuzi: For what? I'm the one who should be sorry.

Msondo: No, I'm the one who should be sorry...

Mageuzi: {louder}!

Msondo: I don't think so lil' buddy!

Mageuzi: {standing up} Who are you calling little?! I'm an inch taller than you!

Msondo: {looking to the floor} Look...I'm sorry about hurting your feelings. I never knew. If you had just told me...

Mageuzi: That's what I'm sorry about. I guess it just took time to realize how much that really hurt. It was on my mind constantly, so I couldn't help but talk a bit about it to others. {looks down}

Msondo: Are we friends?

Mageuzi: {smiling to Msondo, who smiles back} Yes. Deja vu...

{Msondo smiles}

Mageuzi: Yes. Do you agree?

Msondo: {short pause, then grabs Mageuzi, twirls him around, and gives a small hug} Does that answer your question?

Mageuzi: {small tear in eye} Perfectly.

Msondo: {seeing the tear} Hey Kim! Get over here for a minute...

Kimya: {coming over} Yeah?

Msondo: Look... {points to tear}

Kimya: You guys made up, didn't you?

Msondo: Yup. Can you get rid of the problems for good?

Kimya: Sure. {Puts finger up to the tear, and lets it run down it. She licks her finger} Gone.

{Group smiles.}

Mageuzi: United. We stand.

{Fade out.}

{Suddenly, switch scene to a car rushing forward at about 60 MPH, on a 35 MPH road. Msondo is in the driver's seat, and a terrified Timon is in the passanger seat. Kimya is in the back, slightly worried. She is used to this, however.}

Timon: Tell me Kim...WHY did we ask Mson to drive?

Kimya: Because he wanted to?

Msondo: And because I LOOOOVE to drive!!

Timon: It helps if you have a license... {looks to Kim} Or at least enough experience...

Msondo: *I've* had experience!

Timon: You don't go 60 MPH on a 35 MPH road, Mson!

Msondo: You...don't?

Timon: Noooo!

Msondo: {slightly surprised} Oh...

{Msondo hits the breaks, and everybody stops suddenly, jerking forward}

Timon: But I didn't want you to stop!!

Msondo: Why?

Timon: Because you don't stop in the middle of the road!

Msondo: But...we're not.

{Camera pulls back as Timon looks around. The car is neatly parked in a driveway to a house.}

Timon: Oh. In that case then...good job.

Msondo: {grinning} Thanks.

Timon: So is this the house?

Msondo: No! Why would we park in the vic..I mean..subject's house? We're two houses down.

Timon: Okie. Yeah, I see it. {looks to Kim} Ready?

Kimya: As ready as I'll ever be, I guess.

Timon: Okie, just remember, you've got a microphone attatched to you, so we can hear everything you say. At the first sign of trouble, we'll come in. If, however, you see trouble, and we're not coming, just say the code phrase.

Kimya: And that would be?

Timon: "My...what big teeth you have!"

Msondo: {chuckling} I'd rather die than say that to a lion!

Timon: That's the code phrase.

Kimya: {shaking her head} Oy...

Timon: Good luck, Kim.

Msondo: Yeah. {grins} May the force be with you!

Kimya: Mson! This is no time for jokes! This is a tough job!

Msondo: {clears throat and shows a concerned face} Right.

Timon: {into a radio} Uzi? Do you copy, over?

Mageuzi: {voice only} Yeah, I'm here, over.

Timon: How does the place look, over?

Mageuzi: {v-o} He's there. Looks like he's watching TV, over.

Timon: How do you know that?

{Long pause}

Timon: Oh...over.

Mageuzi: {v-o} Heat sensitive camera, and TVs emit heat, over.

Timon: Right, thanks Uzi, over.

Mageuzi: {v-o} Okie. And good luck, Kim! May the force be with you {a few chuckles can be heard}, over!

Timon: Thank you Uzi, that's enough now. Over!

Mageuzi: {v-o} Sorry. Good luck Kim, over.

Timon: {looking at Kim, but speaking into radio} Kim thanks you, over and out.

Kimya: Here I go...

{Kimya walks out of the car and goes two houses down. Timon and Msondo watch on a small black and white TV in the car, as she walks up to the door. She rings the doorbell. Cut to Kim.}

Ndoto: May I help you?

Kimya: Yes, {shows badge} I'm with the KIB and...

Ndoto: Hey, I've heard about you guys...

Kimya: Uh..nothing bad I hope..

Ndoto: No, but I've been told to be on my mark when you're around.

{Cut to inside of car. Msondo and Timon watch the TV} Msondo: Er..don't we have audio?

Timon: Yeah, let me turn it on. {flips a switch. Nothing happens.}

Msondo: You tested the microphone before she left, right?

Timon: Well, we were in a hurry and...


{Timon shakes his head}

Msondo: Oh no...

{Cut back to house.}

Kimya: Could I come in for a second to talk to you?

Ndoto: Er...sure...

{Cut back to TV screen, which shows Kimya walking into the house and Ndoto closing the door.}

Msondo: She's in.

Timon: I hope she makes it.

Msondo: {quickly looking to Timon} You mean you're not sure?!

Timon: Er..


Timon: {small chuckle} Er..

Msondo: Timon...if she dies...her death will be on YOUR conscience, and I'll NEVER forgive you. In fact, I'd leave KIB! You're organization will be NO MORE!

Timon: {gulps} We'll do our best Mson.

Msondo: {looking at the TV screen which just shows a door, and sighs} Good luck Kim.

{Cut to inside of house.}

Ndoto: So why do you need to talk to me?

Kimya: Have you heard of a meerkat named Timon?

Ndoto: Yes. He's on "The Lion King", correct?

Kimya: {nodding} That's right. {Kimya looks into Ndoto's eyes} Who's your favorite character right now?

Ndoto: Nala. Oooo..yeah...Nala...

Kimya: But what about Timon? Timon's kinda cool, too, don't you think?

Ndoto: Well..

Kimya: {holds up The Timon Plushie} Come on! Look at him! You know you like him!

Ndoto: I know I...I

Kimya: Timon...

Ndoto: ...Timon...

Kimya: Right! Now. WAKE UP!

Ndoto: You know, I really need to watch tLK before night falls, so could you just hurry along with this interview?

Kimya: Oh, sure. Just one question...who's your favorite tLK character?

Ndoto: {immediately} Timon. {face shows confusion} I don't know why, but I just think Timon is soooo coooool!

Kimya: {grinning} Thank you, Ndoto, that's all we needed to know.

Ndoto: How did you know my name?

Kimya: told me...

Ndoto: No I didn't...did I?

Kimya: {nodding with confidence} Yes, you did.

Ndoto: Oh. {thinks} I couldn't remember...

Kimya: That's okie. I'm used to people forgetting things. {grins} Anyway, thanks again for telling me that. I'll show myself out.

Ndoto: Okie.

{Cut to Msondo staring at the screen. Timon is watching Msondo. Suddenly the door opens and Kim walks out. Msondo's eyes widen. Kimya waves at the hidden camera. Msondo jumps up, forgetting he's in a car, and bumps his head on the ceiling.}

Msondo: Ow! {rubbing headfur} She made it! YES!!

Timon: {whews} What a relief...

Msondo: I'll still never forgive you, Timon. That was low. Very low.

Timon: Sorry. I won't do it again.

Msondo: Good.

{Kimya climbs into the car.}

Kimya: Hiya kats! I did it!

Msondo: How was it?

Kimya: Fine! No troubles!

Msondo: Really?

Kimya: Yeah! He was putty in my paws!

Timon: Wow. That's not like a lion. Maybe he was already thinking about becoming a Timonaholic?

Kimya: Maybe. But whatever the case, he's a full Timonaholic now!

Timon: Great! Mson? Lets go!

Msondo: {nodding and turning on car} Right!

{Cut to outside of car. Suddely jerks out of the driveway, and the car accelarates to 60 MPH. Cut to inside of the car, very similar to the view earilier.}

Timon: Mson?!

Msondo: Yes?

Timon: Promise me? When..or should I say, IF we get back, take lessons and a test, okie?

Msondo: {looking at Timon} Why?

Timon: {eyes widening} WATCH THE ROAD!!

Msondo: {turning his head forward} Oh, sorry. Okie fine, I will, I will.

Timon: Thank god.

{Freeze, and then fade out.} The end of 4.

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