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{Fade in on the table in the center of the KIB Headquaraters. Kimya and Msondo are sitting there, looking at each other, talking.}

Msondo: I was worried sick! I thought you were a gonner!

Kimya: Really? It wasn't that bad, to be honest.

Msondo: Yeah, but when Timon said that you might not make it out alive...I just couldn't imagine life without you here!

Kimya: Really? Seriously? {looks behind Msondo}

Msondo: Yes! You're the best partner anyone could have in the KIB! {noticing that Kimya isn't paying attention to him} What is it? {no repsonse} Kim?

{Kimya starts to smile. Msondo turns to look at what Kimya is looking at and sees Timon wearing jeans, and carrying a big box labled "TB JEANS"}

Msondo: {suddenly bursting out in laughter} What on EARTH are you doing Timon?!

Timon: {seeing the kats, and walking over to the table} This {taking out a pair of jeans} is my big plan to get more Timonaholics than we have already.

Msondo: {taking jeans, confused} But...jeans?

Timon: Yes! You see, anyone who puts them on will like me 100 times more than they do already. For the normal person, that would make me their ultimate friend.

Msondo: And for a Timonaholic?

Timon: Lets just say we don't want to find out...

Msondo: {grinning, looking over to Mageuzi who is busy behind one of the computers} Hey Uzi!

Mageuzi: {not taking his eyes of the screen} Yeah?

Timon: No, Msondo, they're still in testing! I...

Msondo: Come over here for a minute!

Mageuzi: {standing up, still not taking his eyes off the screen} Coming...

{Eventually he joins the crowd of meerkats.}

Mageuzi: Yeah?

Msondo: What were you doing?

Mageuzi: Me? Trying to set up a more efficient way of communication other those blasted one-way radios.

Msondo: I see... Well.. {holds out jeans} could you try on these jeans for a minute?

Mageuzi: {looking at Msondo, then Timon (who looks nervous), confused} Jeans?

Msondo: Yeah...Timon can't seem to get them to fit him, and you're closer to his size than me.

Mageuzi: {chuckling} Okie.. {takes jeans and puts them on. As soon as he fastens the button, he goes into a trance}

Timon: {waving a paw in front of his eyes} Uzi?

Msondo: {looking into Mageuzi's eyes from 1 centimeter away} Helloooo?

Mageuzi: Hello: a standard greeting in the English language.

Msondo: {looking to Timon, confused} Huh?

Mageuzi: {Timon shrugging at Msondo} Huh: a sign of not understanding.

Msondo: {chuckling} What is this Timon?

Timon: {to Msondo} I have no idea! {looking to Mageuzi} Are you okay Uzi?

Mageuzi: No.

Timon: Why?

Mageuzi: I stayed up all last night watching horror movies in an effort to get today off.

Msondo: {looking to Timon with shock, who returns the look} You've made jeans that make someone tell the truth no matter what!

Timon: Oy! I need to talk to those developers... {walks off}

Msondo: {grinning evily at Mageuzi} Now, tell me Uzi...

Kimya: Oh, come on Mson, don't be mean...

Msondo: ...what were you *really* doing over there just now?

Mageuzi: Trying to beat my pervious score in Bug Drop.

Msondo: Hah! I knew it!

Kimya: Take off your jeans, Uzi.

{Mageuzi takes off the jeans, and immediately snaps out of it.}

Msondo: {looking to Kimya} Aw, you're no fun!

{Kimya shrugs}

Mageuzi: Huh? What happened?

Msondo: Er...nothing...

Mageuzi: Can I go back to my development now?

Msondo: {grinning} Sure!

Mageuzi: {starts to walk away, then looks suspicously at Msondo} Why are you grinning?

Msondo: No go on...we need a better way of communicating, you're right, so go what

Mageuzi: Yeah... {walks away, looking confusidly at Msondo}

Kimya: {looking at Msondo, shaking her head} You're mean...

Msondo: {turning to Kimya} No I'm not! I'm just having some fun!

Kimya: No, you're mean.. {starts to walk over to Timon who just walked back into HQ with a piece of paper}

Msondo: No I'm not! {follows after Kimya}

Timon: {seeing the two approach} Calm down, you two, we've got another "case" for you..

Kim&Mson: What?

Timon: I need you two to try and find a more efficient way of getting lions to become Timonaholics.

Kimya: More...efficient?

Timon: Yeah. We've solved the problem for any two-legged creature with the jeans..

Msondo: Once you get them working... {grinning}

Timon: Yes, once I get them working, but they won't work with four legged creatures.

Kimya: Hmm.

Timon: Any ideas?

Kimya: Maybe. {Turns to Msondo} Who's that fur you constantly rave on about his artwork?

Msondo: You?

Kimya: No, that other guy...

Msondo: Er...David Sauve?

Kimya: {pointing to Msondo} That's the one! {turning to Timon} When I first saw his artwork, a sudden rush went over me much I like you, Timon...

Timon: But Kim..

Kimya: if I felt that..maybe others would?

Timon: Yeah, but Kim, you're already a Timonaholic...of course you felt that way!

Kimya: Yeah..but it felt...different..

Msondo: {nods} I've felt that sometimes, too. Besides, it's worth a try, don't you think?

Timon: {staring, and then nodding} Okie, fine. Give it a go.

Kimya: Great! Come on Mson, lets see what we can do!

{Kimya walks towards the exit with Msondo following her. She approaches Mageuzi, still walking}

Kimya: What's David Sauve's address, Uzi?

Mageuzi: {not looking away from the computer screen} I've forwarded it to the computer in your car..

Kimya: {walking past Mageuzi} Thank you!

Msondo: {confused} In a hurry, Kim? {no answer} Kim? Oy!

{Kimya walks over to the driver's side of the car}

Msondo: Hey! Let *me* drive this time!

Kimya: Hey! That's right! You got your license, didn't you?

Msondo: {proud} Yup!

Kimya: Okie, then, lets see how good you are!

{They get into the car, and Msondo drives perfectly out of the headquaraters and onto the road, obeying every traffic law observable.}

Kimya: Hey, you're not bad!

Msondo: Thanks!

{Eventually they arrive at a small house where "Sauve" is seen next to the front door in gold letters. The kats get out the car and go up to the door and ring the bell.}

David: {looking down} Yes?

Msondo: Hi there. {shows limited-edition KIB Timon keyring} We're with the KIB. I'm Agent M, this {points to Kimya} is Agent K. We'd like to enquire about your artwork.

David: What about it?

Msondo: Could we use it for official government purposes?

David: Er...

Msondo: Or could you draw a certain picture based on our specifications..

David: Like what?

Msondo: {thinking, then eyes widen} Timon wearing jeans!

David: {chuckling} Wearing...JEANS?!

Msondo: Yes! {looking to Kimya} That is *bound* to make any fur go head-over- heels to be a Timonaholic!

{Kimya nods}

Msondo: When can you have it done by?

David: An hour?

Msondo: Okie..we'll get a quick snack and be back in an hour...

{David nods. The agents walk away and David shuts his door.}

Kimya: Where do you want to go?

Msondo: How about that new place that just opened in town? What is it again...?

Kimya: Tubs of Grubs?

Msondo: Yeah! Sounds good, doesn't it?

Kimya: Yeah, okie, lets go.

-=One Hour Later=-

{Msondo rings the doorbell. David answers the door.}

David: Hiya!

Msondo: Hi! Got the pic?

David: Yep! {holds it up}

Msondo: {drooling} Aww, that's *perfect*! Can we have it?

David: Well..I drew it for you didn't I?

Msondo: Oh right... {takes picture} thanks!

David: You're welcome! Take care, now..

Kim&Mson: We will, you too, bye!

David: Bye! {shuts door}

Kimya: He's certainly nice..

Msondo: Yup! Now..lets see who we can target with this pic..

{Get into the car and contact KIB Headquarters}

Msondo: {into radio} Come in, Timon...

Timon: {audio only} Yes, M, go ahead, I hear you..

Msondo: Who should we test our theory on?

Timon: {audio only} about a challenge? Hmm...try ScarJT. If you can convert him with a picture, I'll be convinced.

Msondo: Okie. Over and out, Timon.

Kimya: A Scarfan?

Msondo:'ll be a nice test.

Kimya: {nodding} Okie, lets go.

{Travel to ScarJT's house, with directions from Timon. They get out and travel to ScarJT's front door, and ring the bell. He answers.}

ScarJT: Yes?

Msondo: Hi! We're with the KIB. I'm Agent M. This {points to Kimya} is Agent K. Could we show you something?

ScarJT: Er...what?

Msondo: This! {pulls the picture quickly out. ScarJT protects himself from the worst by turning away, slowly turning back to Msondo as he realizes it is only a picture.}

ScarJT: {looking at picture} Oooo, that's a nice picture...ooooo...

Kimya: {whispering} It's working!! Yes!!

ScarJT: {drooling} What a cool kat...

Msondo: {grinning, whispering} Cool! {to JT} So who's your favorite character?

ScarJT: Scar...but Timon has GOT to be a close second...

Kimya: Hey, that's not bad considering it's only a picture..

Msondo: Yeah, but we need better results than that.

Kimya: Back to the drawing board?

Msondo: {nods} Yeah. {turns to JT} Well, thanks for your time. Bye!

{Start to walk away. ScarJT turns mad and jumps in front of Msondo}

ScarJT: GIVE ME that picture!

Msondo: I...can't...

ScarJT: Why NOT?!

Msondo: {out of the side of his mouth to Kimya} Looks like we've got a side effect here...

ScarJT: Give it to me NOW!

Msondo: Could I just make a copy of it, and *then* give it to you?

ScarJT: Okie...but do it I know I'll get a copy!

Msondo: Okiiieeee....

{Msondo walks over to the car, and creates a copy using the small copier/scanner that is hooked up to the small computer there. He comes back with a copy.}

Msondo: There you go... {holds out picture}

ScarJT: {taking picture gingerly, smiling} Thank you.

{Walks back to house and shuts door, Kimya and Msondo watching him.}

Msondo: That's a pretty mean side effect...

Kimya: Yeah...I don't think this is the way to go..

Msondo: {shaking his head}'s a good start..but it's too risky, especially around lions!

{They nod and get back into the car. Cut to the inside of the car.}

Kimya: So what do we do now?

Msondo: Find a way that is more efficient than the picture with less side effects...get 100% Timonaholics, 100% of the time!

Kimya: {chuckling} Just like we always have!

Msondo: {nodding} Just like we always will...

{Cut to outside of car, and watch it move into the distance.}

-==The End==-

Chapter 6

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