Pride Lands Online


Written by Mageuzi and Ndoto

{Fade in on Msondo. After a few seconds, the view moves to Msondo being on the right with a window on the left. Sheets of rain hit it creating little transparent figures which change shape as the water trickles down the windowpane.}

Msondo: {looking out the window} Oy! It's so dark, dreary, and rainy out there! It's *awful*!

Kimya: {walking over from the KiB HQ meeting table} Huh? Yeah, it is.. but.. er.. aren't we underground?

Msondo: {turning to Kim} Oh! {turns back to the window} Yeah.. hmm.. we..

{suddenly, the window changes to a bright sunny field that runs for miles and miles with pretty little flowers growing in it}

Msondo: {turning back to Kim} What the..

Kimya: {shouting} Tiiiimon..?!

Timon: {popping his head out of his office} Yeah?

Kimya: What's this?

Timon: Oh.. er.. it's a.. M.E.E.R.K.A.T 9000. Still in beta.

Mson&Kim: Ooohhhhh... {slight pause, then} Beta?

Timon: Yeah, they're still trying to decide what the letters stand for.

{Kim looks to Msondo}

Msondo: Er.. yeah.. what is it, anyway?

Timon: It provides realistic images of the outside to boost your moral and make you feel good despite being stuck down here in an environment that is way too unappropriate for your pay.

{Kimya and Msondo just look at each other, then Timon}

Msondo: {before Timon can duck back into his office} Hey, Timon!

Timon: {wincing, knowing what's going to be asked} Yes, Msondo?

Msondo: What's this meeting for, anyway?

Kimya: Yeah! What's going on?

Timon: Well... You see, we've solved the problem of not having enough katpower to get things done around here. With having to keep turning more and more people into Timonaholics, we just couldn't get it all done on our own...

Kimya: So...?

Timon: So... we're inducting some new members into the KIB. {he quickly ducks back into his office}

Msondo and Kimya: WHAT!?

{They both turn to Timon, but he's already closed-- and locked-- the door to his office}

Msondo: {shouting} Wait a minute, Timon!! New members!? How many? Who? And more importantly, are they getting paid more than me?

Kimya: Mson!!

Msondo: Er... okay... are they getting paid more than *us*?

Timon: {shouting from his office} They'll be here soon! Er... Two of them will, anyway!

Kimya: Two? Timon, how many are there?

Timon: Only three!

Msondo: Three. Oy. Three new members. This could get out of hand.

Kimya: What do you mean, Mson? I think it's kind of exciting, actually!

Msondo: Yeah. You remember what happened when we tried to bring Uzi out into the field with us?

Kimya: Oh, yeah... But these guys are probably prepared! You know Timon probably spared no expense with their training!

Msondo: Are we talking about *Timon*? The same Timon that pawned off our equipment once because he had a gambling debt?

Kimya: Er... {short pause, then} TIMOOOOOOOON!!

{Anneke and another kat walk into the room, smiles bashfully at the other two, and take seats. Timon emerges from his office and also takes a seat at the head of the table, giving a quick and nervous glance to Msondo and Kimya. He pushes a button on an intercom device and talks into it.}

Timon: {to the intercom} Send in Mageuzi, please.

{Moments later, Mageuzi walks through the door, fumbling to close a small laptop, and sits down at the table with the others. All eyes turn to Timon.}

Timon: Yes. Well. Uzi, Mson, Kim, as you know, we've been short on people lately. To amend this problem, I've hired three of the best. I believe you already know Ann.

Ann: {smiles at everyone} Hi, guys.

Timon: This other kat is one of my most devoted fans. She goes to the Disney Store every day to buy at least one thing Timon, even if she already has it! Meet Jessie.

Jessie: {standing up shyly} Hiya, everyone... {she blushes and sits back down}

Timon: Well. If you'd all come with me, I'll introduce you to our third member.

{Timon stands and leaves the room. The others follow, confused. As Msondo stands up, he glances over his shoulder at the M.E.E.R.K.A.T. 9000 once more. The scene fades from a flowery field to that of a large, yellow, grinning happy face with a caption above it that reads: "Have a nice day!" He scoffs, shakes his head, and follows the others. They weave through the complex, to an elevator, and then take it. The elevator takes them above ground, where they file out, and again look to Timon.}

Kimya: Okay, so where's this other meerkat?

Timon: Er... well... You see... he's not exactly a meerkat, *per se*...

Msondo: Huh? Whaddaya mean he's not a meerkat? What're you trying to pull, Timon!?

{Anneke and Jessie exchange confused glances, but before Timon can explain, Ndoto pads up behind Timon and smiles.}

Anneke: {screaming} TIMON!!! BEHIND YOU!! A LION!!

Mageuzi: Oh, man!!

Msondo: {who was involved in his own conversation with Kimya} What? Huh? What-- {turning around, seeing Ndoto} AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Timon: Hey! HEY!! Everyone, calm down. This is the third member. Ndoto.

Kimya: N-- Ndoto!? You're that lion that I changed into a Timonaholic...!!

Timon: Right.

Kimya: So... he was THAT Timon-ified?

Timon: Wrong.

Ann, Mson, Uzi, Kim and Jessie: Wrong?

Timon: Wrong. Ndoto *offered* to join the KIB of his own free will.

Ndoto: That's right. {smiles} Pleased to meet you guys.

Msondo: Yeah, same here. {smiles ever-so-slightly} Are you *truly* here to get people Timon-ified?

Ndoto: {staring at Msondo} Er.. yeah.. of course!

Msondo: Hmm. {turns to Timon} You sure about this? Don't you think it's a *little* too suspicous that he *wants* to join the KiB?

Timon: No.

Msondo: Oh. {turns to Kimya} Kim?

Kimya: {shrugs} Perhaps a bit, but not really.

{Msondo sighs and looks to Ndoto}

Ndoto: Hey, I only want a lot of people to like Timon!

Msondo: Yeah, we'll see.

Timon: Hey, look, that's enough you two. {walks closer to Msondo} We don't have time for this.. I've got an assignment for you all.

Kim&Mson: Already?!

Timon: Yeah. So?

Msondo: Are they trained to go into the field yet?

Timon: Err..

Kimya: Are they ready to handle all the top-secret stuff?

Timon: Umm..

Msondo: And weapons?

Timon: {holds up a pawfinger} Actually..

Kimya: And know how to get out of danger?

Timon: {turns to Kimya, aggitated} Kim?

Msondo: Or all the maneuvers you have to know? {starts to move around slyly as if he were James Bond in an enemy building}

Timon: {turns back to Mson, more aggitated} Mson?!

{Msondo and Kimya stop and look at Timon as if that was the first thing he said}

Mson&Kim: What?

Timon: What are you going *on* about?

{Msondo and Kimya look to each other, then back to Timon}

Timon: You never went through training! I never went through training! Why should they?

Msondo: Er..

Kimya: You have a point there, Timon.

Timon: 'Course I do. Now. Are you ready for the new mission?

{They nod}

Timon: Okie, follow me. {starts to walk back inside} Uzi! Get ready the demonstration. {no reply} Uzi! {no reply} UUUUUZI!

Mageuzi: Huh?! {quickly snaps out of his daydream and turns to Timon}

Timon: {stops and faces Mageuzi} Oy! Don't you guys *ever* listen?

Mageuzi: No, sir.

Timon: {sighs and shakes his head} I didn't want an *answer*! Oy! Get the demo ready, Uzi.

Mageuzi: Yes, sir. {runs off}

{Timon sighs, motions with his paw for everyone to go forward, and they all head back inside. Once there, they all go into Timon's small office. It's a bit crowded, but everyone makes it in.}

Timon: Last one in shut the door, please.

Ndoto: {last one in, trying to squeeze the door shut} Er.. we can't.

Timon: Can't?

Ndoto: No, the room is too full.

Timon: {sighs and looks down} Mother said there would be days like this. {looks up} Okie, okie, leave it open, then.

Mageuzi: Demo ready, sir.

Timon: {to Mageuzi} Thanks Uzi. {to crowd} Ooookie, as you all know, we're trying to get as many people to adore me as possible. Well, that's been kinda tough lately, even with the increased member count, now. Plus, now we have certain obsticles to overcome like that Nala scum that we so recently got rid of. {sighs} Why can't they just let people be what they *want* to be, eh?

{Crowd look to one another}

Timon: {realizing his mistake} Er.. but back to the point.. I was thinking that it would be good if we could go back in time to when there were *no* restrictions like that anymore. So, here we have..

Mageuzi: {standing up, paws pointed towards a red gizmo on the table that has two big glass vacuum tubes sticking out the top} .. a TIME MACHINE!

Msondo: {eyes widening} TIME machine?!

Timon: {nodding proudly, with his eyes closed. Then opens them again} Yep! With this baby we can go back ten or so years and *efficiently* convert folks to Timonaholics! Then all their decendents will be Timonaholics, most likely, and all of a sudden, we have a self-sustaining system!

Msondo: Er.. but Timon.. won't the Nala scum, and all those others, still attack in the present day?

Timon: {face drops and stares at Msondo} Errr.. lets take care of that when we get to it, huh? Maybe if it's bred inside them, we won't have to worry about it.

{Msondo shrugs.}

Kimya: So where'd you get it?

Timon: Oh, the lab developed it. Anyway, *all* you guys will be the first to try it out, and see how effective it is. I'll accompany you. {looks to the new members} You guys ready for your first mission?

{They nod slowly, looking nervous.}

Timon: Great! All we have to do is.. {gets out a wire from the gizmo} hold this in our paws.. {looks to Ndoto} Or mouth.. and we'll be transported to the date we specify. {starts to hand the wire around to the group, and they hold it or put it in their mouth reluctantly}

Timon: Okie, looks great, guys! Set the date to 1941, Uzi.

Mageuzi: Yes sir! {leans over the machine and sets the date to 1941.. from his perspective, anyway} Ready to go!

Timon: Okie.. hold tight, guys.. {turns to Mageuzi} Countdown from 10, Uzi!

Mageuzi: Yes sir.. 10 -- 9 -- 8 -- 7 -- 6 -- 5 -- 4 -- 3 -- 2 -- 1 --

{he flips the switch and a bright light engulfs the room. When it clears, Mageuzi stands there, paw still on switch, and stares at the wire with no one holding it}

Mageuzi: It works?!

{cut to a large, grassy field. A large forest is in the background, and a gentle breeze rustles the grass and leaves in the branches. Within seconds, a similar flash of light to before fills the scene. It fades away to reveal Timon, sitting on the ground, still a little stunned.}

Timon: Oy... {he stands up and brushes himself off} Well, no harm done. I guess it worked! You ready, guys? {he looks around... no one else is there. He waits... but no one else reappears.} Er... guys? Eheh... oh boy. {he sighs and looks around. Seeing what appears to be a large castle in the distance, he heads toward it and mumbles} Fine. Mageuzi's not getting an invite to *my* birthday party...

{cut to deep within a forest-- most likely the heart of the one which Timon appeared outside of. The flash comes, goes, and leaves Ndoto in its wake. He moans groggily and stands up, blinking and trying to adjust his eyes from the bright light of Time Travel to the dim light of this forest.}

Ndoto: Well, this looks nice... Um... I must be in some forest outside of a main highway or something. Yeah, that must be it. I'll find the highway, follow it, and meet up with the others in the town... That should work. Okay... well... off I go.

{Ndoto trots toward where he judges the forest edge to be. Pan quickly to the other side of the forest, and up-- way, way up, above the treetops. That flash of light that accompanies travelling through time appears, disappears, and Anneke appears in mid-air.}

Anneke: Huh--!? WHOA!! {She falls and lands in the treetops, hanging limp over one of the top branches} Great. {shouting to no one in particular} HEY, UZI! WORK ON THE LANDINGS A BIT! Oy. {follow Ann's gaze deeper toward the forest as many flocks of birds begin to fly from their perches in the trees, to, well, every direction except toward Ann} Hmm? What's this? I couldn't have scared all those birds off, now could I...? {she turns her head the other way, curious, and catches her breath with fear.}

{Cut to Msondo and Kimya, in a hilly area on the side of the forest closest to where Anneke was.}

Kimya: glad I found you, you know, because no one else is here, at least not that I saw.

{Msondo perks his ears up a moment.}

Kimya: Mson? Msondo, what is it?

Msondo: I... I could've sworn I heard... a scream...

{Kimya stares worredly at Msondo a moment. Cut to Timon, standing at the castle front, where the drawbridge is up and a large moat yawns open before him.}

Timon: My, they certainly were hospitable back in `41... {Another bright Timeflash, and Timon blinks} Hey. I know that flash. {he ponders a moment} Usually what follows is... {Jessie comes down and lands right on top of Timon, knocking him to the ground with her}

Jessie and Timon: OOF!

Timon: Geez, kat, watch where yer-- Jessie!?

Jessie: Huh? {she blushes and picks herself up, then helps Timon up} Oh oh, I'm so sorry... Are you all right? Where are the others?

Timon: Er... I'm not exactly sure... But look, the people who live in that big house might have some answers.

Jessie: What? {she turns to look at the castle and gasps} Oh, no! Mageuzi was leaning over the control box when he punched in the year... He must've been paying more attention to the digital display panel than the buttons he was pressing! He put the '4' before the '9'!

Timon: {blinking} Which means... what?

Jessie: We're in 1491, not 1941!

Timon: {still blinking} Er... the difference?

Jessie: About 500 years difference, I'd say!

Timon: Oh. Er... this is bad.

Jessie: Quite bad.

Timon: Come on, we have to find the others. {starts walking off}

Jessie: Right, then you can call Uzi and get him to take us back home.

Timon: {freezes and turns around slowly, blushing through his fur} Eheh... well... you see... I don't really have any way of getting in touch with Mageuzi...

Jessie: {flatly} What?

Timon: ...our budget was tight, and we needed to hire new members...

Jessie: {louder} What?

Timon: we didn't make any type of radio device...

Jessie: {shouting} WHAT!?

{Pan to the edge of the forest, where Ndoto emerges. He prepares to shout something to Jessie and Timon, but his ear perks up at the last minute.}

Anneke: {voice only; not audible to the others, and only barely to Ndoto} Help! Oh, great, HELP! Stupid... Ugh, where are you taking me? Put me down, you big ugly! You don't know who you're dealing with here!

Ndoto: {to himself} That's Anneke... {looks to Jessie and Timon. They're still arguing with each other, and Jessie is pointing to the raised drawbridge of the castle.} If I don't go to the others now, I may never find them again... But if I don't try to find Anneke... {he immediately tears off toward the source of the pleas for help.}

{Cut to Anneke, in the claws of a vicious-looking green-dragon}

Anneke: Let me go! Let me go right now!

Dragon: Thou thinketh I shall let thee go free? {he chuckles to himself}

Anneke: Hey! Put me down right now, okay? I have friends! Friends with, uh, big weapons! Knights and people! They slay guys like you!

{The dragon twists his talons and throws Anneke harshly. She flies through the air and through a window of a tall tower. As she hits the back wall of the tower, she slumps the ground, beginning to lose consciousness.}

Dragon: Soon, thy hand will be mine, and with my queen I shall take over the kingdom!

{Anneke lies on the floor of the tower. Fade to Jessie and Timon in front of the castle. Still.}

Jessie: So how are we supposed to get home?!

Timon: Er.. well.. I told Uzi to flip the return switch after..

Jessie: {low and serious} Yes?

Timon: Two hours.

Jessie: Two?!

Timon: Well we had to have time to check it out and perhaps *start* the job.

Jessie: {giving a sigh} Okie, okie, fine. {looks behind her} I think we should perhaps at least look for the others.

Timon: {nodding} Where do we start?

Jessie: {still looking behind her} How about that forest over there?

Timon: Okie..

{They walk towards the forest.}

Timon: .. I hope you know what you're doing, Jessie!

Jessie: No more than you do.. {giggles to herself}

Timon: {stops} Oh great. {sighs, shakes his head, then carries on following her}

{Cut to Kimya and Msondo}

Kimya: {looking to Msondo} You *sure* you're okie?

Msondo: Yes! It must have been my imagination I guess. Come on, we need to find the others. {starts to walk towards their side of the forest}

Kimya: I must say this is the *strangest* case we've had so far! {starts to follow Msondo}

Msondo: Yeah, I know. I don't know *how* Timon does it, but he *always* manages to top the stupidity of his missions each time.

{Kimya laughs. Pan over the trees and Kim's laughter slowly fades. Camera moves down and we see Ndoto clambering over the forest floor.}

Ndoto: I could have *sworn* this is where I heard Ann yelling.. {looks around as he battles through the vines and trees and bushes that scatter over the ground.}

{Finally, he approches this large, green, moss-covered tree that covers a good deal of the ground}

Ndoto: Wow! That's some tree! {looks left, then right} It's gonna take awhile to work around this monster!

Dragon: Who are *you* calling a monster?

Ndoto: Wha--? {looks up} AHHHH!

Dragon: {smiling with a little wave} Hi!

Ndoto: {backing away at a steady pace} Er.. hehe.. you didn't happen to see a small.. cute meerkat around here, would you?

Dragon: No, I can't say I have.. buuuut.. {leans over and picks Ndoto up}

Ndoto: {flailing} Ahh! Let me down, let me down! {looks up at the dragon's mouth} Don't eat me!

Dragon: {holding Ndoto a few feet from his eyes} Me? Eat you? Never! Who do you think I am?

Ndoto: A DRAGON!

Dragon: Yes, but I don't eat disgusting furry morsels like *you*.

Ndoto: {no longer frightened, just hurt} Well, thanks, you really know how to make someone feel wanted, you know that?

Dragon: Hmm. Yes. Thank you.

{The Dragon throws Ndoto harshly into the same tower as Anneke landed in, and gets knocked unconsious, too. The dragon hmphs and walks away, happy with his catch, but unhappy that he now has a lion to muddle things up.}

{Cut to Kimya and Msondo again, now just entering the forest and heading towards where the Dragon *used* to be}

Kimya: Mson? Does this look like 1941 to you?

Msondo: Hmm. {looks around} Noo.. it looks more like.. like.. well a time before they put all those highways and stuff in.

Kimya: You mean like those early years?

Msondo: {chuckles} Yeah, like those early years. Like.. the 1200s or so.

Kimya: {thinks} Well whenever it is, why are we *here* and not in the 40s?

Msondo: {shrugs} Timon messed up again?

Kimya: Good a reason as any, I guess.

Msondo: 'Course! Speaking of which, we need to find him, and the others. If this really is a messed-up job, then we need to get home.

Kimya: Yeah.

{Cut from them as they carry on walking through the forest to try and find the others, to the tower in the castle in the distance.}

Anneke: {slowly starting to wake up} Oyyyy.. {looks around, rubbing her head} What happened.. {sees Ndoto} Ahh! Ndoto! {runs over to him}

{Ndoto, now just coming around, too, moves a little}

Anneke: Ndoto! Are you okay?! {shakes him a little, the best a meerkat can do}

Ndoto: {coming around} Ohhh.. what.. what h-h-happened?

Anneke: We got sent back in time to the medieval period because of a stupid mistake Uzi must have made and now we're stuck in this tower in what I can only assume is a castle that a Dragon threw us into and now we're trapped until we're saved.

Ndoto: {pause} Riiiight. {rubs his head with his forepaw}

Anneke: But you need to rest..

Ndoto: Yeah..

Anneke: I just hope we get sent back home, soon.

{Ndoto nods. Cut to the future, Timon's KiB office, Mageuzi is leaning back in Timon's big (to a meerkat) leather chair, thorougly enjoying himself}

Mageuzi: Ohh, man, is Timon ever *lucky*! {sighs, leans back and closes his eyes} I guess I should be sending those guys home in a few.. in a few.. min.. minutes.. {dozes off}

{Cut back to the past.}

Anneke: I hope.

{Cut to Kimya and Msondo in the middle of the forest.}

Msondo: {suddenly stopping, and whispering to Kim} Hey, stop! What's that, ahead?

Kimya: Hmm?

{They both spy upon rustling in the bushes.}

Kimya: I.. I don't know, Mson.

Msondo: Stay.. perfectly.. still..

{Kimya nods. The rustling continues.}

Noise from rustles: OY!

{Kimya looks to Msondo}

Kimya: Is that my imagination, or was that Timon?

Msondo: That was Timon. {shouting and waving} Hey! Timon! Over here!

Timon: {spotting Msondo's waving and shouting back} Hey! Mson!

{After a bit of clambering, all four meerkats meet up}

Msondo: Hey! Jessie! Hiya!

Jessie: Hi!

Kimya: Where *are* we Timon?

Timon: Somewhere in the 4000s I think.

Jessie: Nooo! *14*00s.

Timon: Right. That's what I meant.

Msondo: 1400s? I thought we were supposed to--

Jessie: Yes, we were, but Uzi messed up.

Mson&Kim: Uzi.

{They sigh.}

Timon: Do you guys know where Anneke or Ndoto are?

Kimya: No, we were wondering the same thing.

Timon: Do we even know if they're in the same time period as us? What if they're, er, stranded somewhere?

Jessie: Some*time*.

Timon: Right.

Kimya: Timon's right. What if we've got a lion and a meerkat floating around prehistory? Or sometime in the future?

Jessie: Nononono, we can't have that! We all need to be together when Uzi flips the switch to bring us home!

Msondo: Huh? I'm lost.

Kimya: You're always lost.

Msondo: True. But now I'm utterly stranded on some desert isle.

Timon: Er... I'm not one for technical stuff, but from what Uzi explained to me when he made the machine, we all have to be relatively close to each other when he flips the switch to bring us home. Otherwise, we go, and they don't.

Msondo: Oh. Well, Anneke, yeah, we have to find... but can't we leave Ndoto here? Maybe just an hour or so?

Kimya: {turning to Msondo} You *really* don't trust him, do you?

Msondo: {tersely} No.

Kimya: {she blinks, a little surprised} Why not?

Msondo: I dunno. It just... A lion? In the *kats* in black?

Kimya: You're prejudiced!

Jessie: Look, we can argue later, but we need to find them now, regardless.

Msondo: I still say we leave him here for a bit.

Timon: No can do. Another thing about time travel that we haven't quite, er, perfected yet. Once the return switch is flipped, another Time Jump, as I just now so aptly named it, can't be achieved for about a week.

Jessie: A week!? Why!?

Timon: {shaking his head} You'll have to ask Mageuzi... Something about Time Jumps generating such a powerful energy field within the machine that...

Kimya, finishing with Timon in unison: ...if another Time Jump occurs before the energy field dies down, a temporal rift or anomaly could form.

Timon: Hey, how'd you know that?

Kimya: Perginn's theory of time travel. {the others stare blankly at her} Er... it's a hobby.

Msondo: {whispering} Get some new hobbies. {Kimya whaps Msondo gently} Ow!

Jessie: Any idea where the others might be?

Kimya: Nope.

Jessie: We're in trouble.

{cut back to the tower, where Ndoto is laying down, head on his paws, and Anneke is pacing around restlessly}

Anneke: {pacing over to the window} Do you think we could jump?

Ndoto: Ann, that's the third time you've asked that.

Anneke: Oh. Do you think we could find some other way out? Like a secret passage?

Ndoto: I doubt it.

Anneke: Well, do you think if we scream for help, someone will hear us?

Ndoto: Nope.

Anneke: What do YOU suggest, then!?

Ndoto: {standing up} When that dragon comes back, I'm going to fight him.

Anneke: {starts laughing hysterically} Wha-ha-ha-hat? And you thought *my* plans wouldn't work? What're you aiming to do? Die young? {laughs}

Ndoto: I'm going to get us out of here, that's what I'm going to do.

Anneke: Ndoto! Hello! {she walks up to Ndoto, stands on her tippytoes, and knocks on his head} Anyone home? He is a very *large* and *angry* dragon. You are a lion. What do you hope to accomplish?

Ndoto: If I can't beat him, then at least I can create a distraction so you can get away, right?

Anneke: Wha? I suppose. Hey, now, wait a minute...

Ndoto: Maybe you can escape and tell the get the others. And if not, at the very least, I can make sure you get away safely.

Anneke: Oh, now that is so typical.

Ndoto: What?

Anneke: You.

Ndoto: Me?

Anneke: Yeah, you. {mockingly} Oh, Mr. Ndoto-lion has to come play the big selfless hero! Has to sacrifice himself to save the poor defenseless meerkat!

Ndoto: I never said you--

Anneke: You implied it!

Ndoto: I never meant to--

Anneke: Suuuuure.

Ndoto: Anneke, if you'd just listen--

Anneke: {walking over by the window} Nah-ah, pal. Tell you what. Maybe you'd *like* to play the hero, but it ain't happening. Not this time. I'm outta here. {the dragon swoops down, grabs Anneke out of the tower, and hovers there with her a moment, grinning} Hey!! Lemmego!!

Dragon: I believe it's time to take you to the wedding chapel, my dear.

Ndoto: Not so fast! {he leaps out the window and at the dragon. Ndoto digs his claws into the dragon's chest, able to keep a tight hold by pushing his claws between the armor-like scales} Phew... You think I'd be able to come up with something better than "Not so fast!"

Anneke: I thought I told you not to play hero!

Ndoto: Then shall I leave you two newlyweds alone?

Anneke: Play hero! Play hero!!

Ndoto: {grinning} Very well.. {looks up to Dragon} Hey! Mr. Scaley! Down here!

Dragon: {looking to Ndoto} Huh?

Ndoto: Yeah, you! Remember me?

Dragon: I thought I took care of you?

Ndoto: Never! I'm a strong lion!

Dragon: Yeah, sure. {turns his attention back to Anneke}

Ndoto: {clearing his throat, then, in a high, squeeky, un-leonine voice} "It's a small world after all.. it's a small world after all.. it's a small world after all.. it's a small, small world.." {repeats}

Dragon: {looking back to Ndoto carelessly} If you think *that* will stop me, you've got another thing coming!

{Ndoto continues to sing, grinning. Anneke frees her paws that were caught inside the dragon's grasp and covers her ears.}

Dragon: {sighing a bored sigh, then nodding to the lion} Okie, okie, that's enough, I get the point, you can stop now.

{Ndoto shakes his head and continues to sing, backing up into the tower so the dragon can't just reach and do something to the lion}

Dragon: OKAY! You can STOP now!

{Ndoto carries on}


{Ndoto carries on-- in fact, he gets louder.}


{Drops Anneke from his grasp, who falls in mid-air, screaming and waving her arms and legs, eventualy landing, yet again, in the trees. The Dragon, too annoyed to care about how Anneke got let off easily, runs in the other direction.}

{Cut to the four meerkats deeper in the forest}

Timon: {in the lead, suddenly stops} Hey!

Msondo: {stopping, along with the others} What?

Timon: D--do you hear something?

{They all stop and look at the ground as if concentrating on something there, but really are trying to hear a sound. Indeed, a deep thumping is heard and soon the ground begins to shake}

Msondo: {eyes widening} What the hell is *that*?!

Jessie: {looking up suddenly to spot a big Dragon heading in their direction, then points to it} THAT!

{They all scream and start to run in the opposite direction they were going, tripping now and then, but quickly getting up and scrambling to get away. Suddenly, Timon trips and his foot gets stuck in a tangle of vines. He is right in the way of the Dragon's left foot.}


Msondo: {stopping, seeing Timon, and heading back} TIMON!

{Msondo runs over and sees his foot in the entanglement of vines and starts to help his foot out, looking up to the quickly-approaching dragon.}

Timon: Hurry Mson!

Msondo: Yeah, hold *on* Timon!

{Finally he gets his foot lose and Timon gets up to run away. He runs over to where the others were watching nervously, and, Msondo, seeing Timon safe, starts to run himself. The Dragon's foot pounds down to the ground and lifts back up again, Msondo nowhere to be seen.}

Jessie: MSONDO!!!

Kimya: MSON!!

Timon: Where is he!?

Jessie: He-- AHHH! Look!!! {points frantically to the dragon's leg. Msondo is hugging it tightly, holding on for dear life, as the dragon continues his rampage through the woods}

Kimya: Msondo!!! Get off of there!!

Msondo: {eyes shut tight} I'd like to... but if I do... he'll stomp me!!

Timon: Whaddowedonow!?!?

{Anneke rushes up to the group}

Anneke: Guys!

Others: ANN!!

Timon: Where were ya!?

Anneke: I was being held captive by that dragon guy! Hey... where's Mson?

Kimya: He's on the dragon's leg!!

Anneke: AHHH!!

Ndoto: {pads up unnoticed; jumped out of the tower, only taking minor bruises and a cut to his right rear leg} Guys? Wha... {seeing the dragon-- and Msondo} Oh, no... {looks around, then shouts} HEY!!! DRAGON!!! {everyone-- dragon included-- spin around to face Ndoto} It's ME you want, riiight?

Dragon: {remembering the annoying song that he had sung, and the lion's refusal to obey his commands} I'll crush you to a pulp!!

Ndoto: Mson, jump off, NOW!!

Msondo: But--

Ndoto: NOW!!

Anneke: {to herself} He's playing hero again, oy!

{Msondo jumps off and scurries away to the group, unnoticed by the dragon, who now charges, enraged, at Ndoto}

{cut to the present, at KIB HQ. Mageuzi, asleep in the chair, begins to snort, and then awakens}

Mageuzi: Ohh... man, that was a good nap... ah... AHHH!! I was supposed to bring them back by now!! {he rushes over to the machine}

{cut back to the past}

{there is a small beeping from something on Timon. The others look to him}

Jessie: What's that?

Timon: Uzi's bringing us back now.

Msondo: Wait! We all have to be together! What about Ndoto?

Kimya: NDOTO!!!

{pan over to Ndoto and the dragon. The dragon charges at Ndoto, who slashes furiously. Outraged that he should even be challenged by this tiny lion, he picks him up and throws him harshly into the ground, where he skitters closer to the group}

Anneke: We have to help Ndoto! We can't leave him here!

Timon: There's no time! Everyone hold on to each other! {Mson grips Timon, who grips Kimya, who grips Jessie, who grips Anneke}

Ndoto: {only half-conscious, with a very bad gash on his head} Wh... Gu... guys...?

Dragon: {roaring} I'll stomp you flat!!! {starts to charge at Ndoto again}

Anneke: {rushing out to Ndoto, but being held back by Jessie} Ndoto! Hurry, we're getting out of here! Grab my paw! {she extends her paw}

{cut to a scene of Ndoto's and Ann's paws struggling to reach each other's. The paws move closer slowly, and a bright flash causes the scene to go completely white. Fade to black.}

{fade in on KIB HQ, Mageuzi standing patiently beside the machine. In a bright flash, Timon, Msondo, Kimya, Jessie, and Anneke reappear}

Mageuzi: Phew! Glad to see you guys! Er... where's Ndoto?

{the others exchange glances, and Msondo and Anneke look to the ground}

Anneke: He...

Msondo: ...didn't make it...

Mageuzi: What? {blinks} What are you talking about?

Msondo: Well... there was this dragon, you see... and--

Mageuzi: Dragon? In 1941?

Timon: YOU sent us back to 1491.

Mageuzi: Oops.

Timon: Mook. {everyone falls silent a moment. After an uncomfortable pause} Well... I guess it's my duty to go write up the official death report.

Anneke: WHAT!?!? Are you saying he couldn't have made it?

Timon: Ann... I don't think there's *any* way he could've survived.

Anneke: You have to be joking! He's fine! We just need to go back!

Mageuzi: You can't... not until more time passes... the machine can't handle that kind of temporal stress.

Kimya: I... I'll see you guys later... {she walks out of the room, shaking her head to herself}

Jessie: Er... {looking out the door} Kimya? Kimya... {she hurries after her. There is another silence falling over the room}

Mageuzi: It's my fault... I screwed up. Big time... I'm putting this time machine thing away in storage until I can come up with some way to foolproof it, so this never ever happens again... I'll develop a timer, one that'll bring you back automatically after you set it and after you travel.

Timon: Good idea... now... I think it would be a good idea if we all took a little vacation.

Msondo: {nods} Yeah... I guess so... {to the others} See you guys soon... {he leaves}

Anneke: I can't believe it... he helped to save me from the dragon, you know...

Mageuzi: Really?

Timon: Er... I'll go write up that report now... {he quietly leaves}

Mageuzi: I... should go work on that timer... {he smiles weakly at Anneke, and leaves. Anneke shakes her head, glances at the time machine, wipes away a tear, and leaves. Fade out.}

{fade in on a darkened room. The time machine can be seen sitting in the room. The sound of a door opening, then closing. Shadows indicate someone walks over to the time machine. Cut to a view of the time machine. A paw reaches out and pushes some buttons, and a timer pops up on a digital screen. The screen reads: "2:00 minutes; 1491; 2:33 PM". There is a bright flash of light. Fade out.}

{immediately cut from the fade to the field, 1491}

{there is a small beeping from something on Timon. The others look to him}

Jessie: What's that?

Timon: Uzi's bringing us back now.

Msondo: Wait! We all have to be together! What about Ndoto?

Kimya: NDOTO!!!

{pan over to Ndoto and the dragon. The dragon charges at Ndoto, who slashes furiously. Outraged that he should even be challenged by this tiny lion, he picks him up and throws him harshly into the ground, where he skitters closer to the group}

Anneke: We have to help Ndoto! We can't leave him here!

Timon: There's no time! Everyone hold on to each other! {Mson grips Timon, who grips Kimya, who grips Jessie, who grips Anneke}

Ndoto: {only half-conscious, with a very bad gash on his head} Wh... Gu... guys...?

Dragon: {roaring} I'll stomp you flat!!! {starts to charge at Ndoto again}

Anneke: {rushing out to Ndoto, but being held back by Jessie} Ndoto! Hurry, we're getting out of here! Grab my paw! {she extends her paw}

{cut to a scene of Ndoto's and Ann's paws struggling to reach each other's. The paws move closer slowly, and a bright flash causes the scene to go completely white. The white fades away and reveals Ndoto, still laying on the ground.}

Ndoto: {sighs} Goodbye... everyone...

{there is another bright flash of light. Anneke appears next to Ndoto, glances around hurredly, and then puts a paw on Ndoto}

Ndoto: A... Anneke?

Anneke: Yeah, it's me.

Ndoto: But... you just left...

Anneke: I had to come back for you.

Ndoto: Why...

Anneke: Shh. Come on, we're going home. This mission is over. {there is another bright flash, and the two disappear. Fade out.}

[Sure. That could have happened. But.. with time travel.. it's hard to tell. I mean, this coulda happened too..]

{cut to a scene of Ndoto's and Anneke's paws struggling to reach each other's. The paws move closer slowly, and a bright flash causes the scene to go completely white. The white fades away and reveals Ndoto, still laying on the ground.}

Ndoto: {sighs} Goodbye... everyone...

{there is another bright flash of light. Msondo appears, coughs, brushes some dust off himself, and coughs some more.}

Msondo: Oy, you think they'd clean out that storage room more often...

Ndoto: Msondo...? You came back...?

Msondo: Sure did.

Ndoto: I... I thought you didn't trust me.

Msondo: Well... maybe I don't.

Ndoto: Then why did you come back?

Msondo: I... I don't know. I guess I had a little change of heart. {blinks} C'mon, pal. {he kneels and lays a hand on Ndoto's mane} We're outta here. {There is a bright flash, and when it clears, the two are gone. Fade out.}

[Er.. and this coulda happened, too...]

{cut to a scene of Ndoto's and Anneke's paws struggling to reach each other's. The paws move closer slowly, and a bright flash causes the scene to go completely white. The white fades away and reveals Ndoto, still laying on the ground.}

Ndoto: {sighs} Goodbye... everyone...

{there is another bright flash of light. Mageuzi appears and looks around}

Mageuzi: Ndoto? Ndoto, you here? Hey!

Ndoto: Uzi!! I... I'm here!

Mageuzi: {spinning around} Ah, there you are.

Ndoto: You...

Mageuzi: ...came to get you, yeah. {he kneels and puts a hand on Ndoto}

Ndoto: Why?

Mageuzi: was my stupid screw-up that caused this whole incident in the first place.

Ndoto: No... it wasn't...

Mageuzi: Yeah, it was. And I couldn't stand to lose you. You're part of the team... and a great friend.

Ndoto: {smiles} You are too, Mageuzi... You're the best. {There is a bright flash, and the scene is bathed in white light. Slowly fade to black.}

[But however it happened, the fabric of time once again stitches itself up and Ndoto is reclaimed back to the present and is part of the close team known as the KiB.]

[Ndoto would like to dedicate ending #3 to a special friend. Mageuzi would like to thank Ndoto for his unsurpassed writing, humor and unimaginable friendship. This will certainly not be the last writing project.]

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