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Where Have the Wildebeest Gone?
by Jim Burgess
(parody of "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone")

Scar:Ooh, you'll like this surprise just for you and your daddy.
Why don't you just sit here in the shade
And work on that little roar?
Simba:Just down the line I'll be king
and believe me, I just can't wait.
Sarabi:We do all the hunting.
The hyenas eat our kills.
Sarabi:Where is all the rain?
Where is my "hairball" son?
Where is our rightful king?
Where have the wildebeest gone?
Elanna:Why don't you stay the evening?
Forget about Sarabi
And I'll catch a little something to eat.
Oh I know your back hurts
From sleeping on that cave floor.
How would you like some fresh wildebeest?
'FinaWho will watch the children
If you cage the hornbill?
Elanna:Hey, I can feel the love tonight.
Oh, but you don't even notice me.
My emerald eyes,
My emerald eyes,
My emerald eyes...
Rafiki:You finally went crazy
When Muffy pledged to Sarabi
Fulfilling my old prophecy
You met friends like Fabana
And joined them at the graveyard
Almost every single day of the week.
Banzai:You told us hyenas
That we should "Be Prepared".
Sarabi:Where is my dear Mufasa?
Where is his shining star?
Where is my little Simba?
Where have the wildebeest gone?
Where have the wildebeest gone?
Where have the wildebeest gone?

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Author: Jim Burgess
HTML by Thumper

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