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What follows are the results from the first (perhaps the first of many) Lion King limerick contests hosted by Pride Lands Online. The judges were Chris Boyce, Dave Morris, and me (Dave Cleary). We found our decision to be an extremely difficult one because there were so many good limericks to choose from--an excellent indicator of the talent and ability out there in our fandom base.

The winners all receive boasting rights (sorry, no money or anything tangible other than the recognition). We want to thank all who participated.

First Place: Dave Braun

A lioness silken and tan -
as sweet as a quadruped can
be - though she's a 'toon
can still draw a swoon
from any libidinous man!

Second Place: Jason Knight

"It's not?"

"There's a thing called the Circle of Life
And it brings you both gladness and strife.
Why it has to bring pain
I can't hope to explain
But it's why you'll make Nala your wife."

Third Place (tie): Christine Morgan

"Life's not fair, is it?" Scar sighed
Sick of having his kingship denied
With hyenas he dealt
To take over the veldt
For his words were a matter of pride

Third Place (tie): Frederik Udsen

Fair Nala who has got The Look
Got Simba direct on the hook
Romance a la France
she gave him a glance
That made him look like a mook

Honorable Mention: Warner Jones (Warnndog)

Thier once was a Meerkat named Timon
Who never really was Alone
Pumba was their
To freshen his air
And now his whereabouts are unknown

Honorable Mention: Takeshi
There was a girl in Mexico
Who called herself Rocio
If you pop a balloon
She's mad as a baboon
And will choke you if you don't go!

All the limericks that were submitted for the contest follow. Included also are a few that one of our judges, Chris Boyce, was inspired to write after the judging was completed. Hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did! :)

Frederik Udsen
Dave Braun
Christine Morgan
Jason Knight
Chris Boyce

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